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Onboard water tanks

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    Onboard water tanks

    In bed with laryngitis... so turning my thoughts to my R20

    My new vehicle I am pretty sure has an onboard waste tank but am not sure I am a fan of onboard waste tanks! I have a small waste water container that I used with my Dandy. Can I fit a pipe to the waste water tank??? and run it into that?? Do I need a pipe for the waste water tank??

    What do other people do?


    Hi Jenny

    Hope you feeling better soon.

    Your R20 will have an onboard waste tank and to be honest it is much easier than having to carry a waste container and lugging it to the waste disposal point. Just drive the van to the motorhome service point or a suitable drain and empty it, job done.

    If you really do insist on using a waste container I imagine you could just leave the drain tap open on the waste tank and put a container under it.
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      The r20 has a tap to empty the waste water, if you wanted to run the waste into a separate container, I think it would be possible to attach a piece of hose to the tap, put the other end of the hose into your separate container, then leave the tap open so that the waste runs through into it. However as Graham says, it may be more straightforward to use the onboard waste tank. Hope the laryngitis goes very soon


        wast tank

        we have a small bucket run the tank off then emty it 2 or 3 times a year put water in from rain tank some demtos give it a run out find some wast grond it keeps it clean speling nice as well [email protected]


          [QUOTE=Tentpeg;17723]In bed with laryngitis...

          Dam those Greeks.


            An external water tank can come in useful for the sites that haven't got a drive over motohome waste point, like the one we recently visited in north yorks. Fortunately we were prepared for it! I just use a short piece of an old Hoover flexible tubing to link the waste water outlet to the container although you can buy proper tubing for it.

            That's just reminded me, I need to buy a length of the proper stuff, we have booked to go for a short break over Easter and have got a posh pitch with it's own water supply and waste point- not through choice I hasten to add, it was the only pitch we could find!!!
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              Waste tank

              : Hi Tentpeg
              Aii depends on what sites you use commerical or basic facility.We belong to the Caravan and camping club and use there Holiday sites, you need to take a bucket (a fold down one takes up less room) .Drain down the waste tank and dispose of the water in the hedge or where directed

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