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    Latest look alikes

    Saw this on ebay today Item number: 250797751000.

    Definitely not genuine.

    Another Item number: 160566731995


      Yet another Item number: 320680955812

      They are coming thick and fast now that the season is getting going


        Originally posted by peterholden View Post
        Yet another Item number: 320680955812

        They are coming thick and fast now that the season is getting going
        I contacted the Seller whilst the auction was still live and asked the following question;

        To: tootsy*123
        Subject: Details about the item:
        C15 WITH ROMAHOME BODY #320680955812
        Sent Date: 06-Apr-11 23:25:10 BST

        Dear tootsy*123,


        Please confirm whether this item is a genuine Romahome factory conversion, or that it has been re-bodied onto this base vehicle.

        Thank you.

        I received this prompt reply whilst the auction was still live;

        From: tootsy*123
        Sent: 07-Apr-11 10:56

        Dear **********,

        hi there its been transfered from a older van but done very well hence the resonable priceing, thanks for the intrest

        I used the 'Ask A Question' facility on the actual auction listing to ask my question, yet the Seller has entirely omitted my question and their answer, below;

        Questions and answers about this item
        No questions or answers have been posted about this item.
        Ask a question

        07-Apr-11 10:56 Seller answered my question.

        07-Apr-11 20:50 End of auction.


          When you ask the seller a question on e-bay they have the choice to have it posted on the listing or NOT. It is not automatically listed

          Obviously if the question (or answer) will not help their listing can choose NOT to post it !

          Not really helpful to those bidding though.


            A quick update - there are a number on Ebay at the moment that are mot what they claim but the one from OCT motorhomes caught my eye because it could be genuine on an X reg but if you look at the camper part it is obviously an early one.


            320x50 mobile only under posts reg users


            728x90 google ad under posts desktop only reg users