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Rear fanlight leaks on an R20

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    Rear fanlight leaks on an R20

    I seem to recall some comments not too long ago about removing watermarks on the head lining because of water getting in around the small fanlight above the galley area of R20s.

    We had this problem a couple of years ago and I put a bead of silicone bathroom sealant along the seam on the roof. And then promptly forgot that it was only a temporary measure.

    It's rained quite heavily here over the last couple of days and this morning we awoke to a discoloured and distinctly damp patch around that rear fanlight. I think the problem is that, on our van at least, there is a dip in the roof and rain puddles up against the fanlight. So any tiny breach in the seal is a conduit for water into the roof lining.

    Resealed now. I carry an emergency tube of bathroom silicone to make temporary repairs, it's a tube like a large toothpaste tube rather than one of those requiring a caulking gun. Trouble is we're on a campsite and it needed a ladder against the van to reach the fanlight. Now the staff on this Polish site have excellent English but 'ladder' is not one of the words normally in their vocabulary! Fortunately I spotted the corner of a ladder behind the reception block and could point to it.

    Of course it's slashed it down with rain all day so we had to jerry rig a small tarpaulin over the back half of the van to keep the silicone dry when curing but on return to the van, after a wet day's glimpse of a few of the sites of Krakow, the head lining appears to be completely dry, although significantly watermarked.

    Anyway - reason for posting. If you have an R20 well worth taking a look at your galley fanlight now before the 'orrible weather of winter and if you suspect the seal is less than perfect then resealing properly. I must do this on my return not leave this second temporary fix to eventually leak again.

    Oh and it's worth carrying a tube of silicone (and a small, cheap tarpaulin and guys). Our old C15 Hytop developed a leak in the windscreen one trip to France. A bead of silicone stopped the driver getting dripped on!

    Brian I will add that to WD to loosen those items that will not undo - CableTies to secure those things that come loose - GafferTape to secure all else - and Silicon to fix the drips!


      Originally posted by kernowjon View Post
      Brian I will add that to WD to loosen those items that will not undo - CableTies to secure those things that come loose - GafferTape to secure all else - and Silicon to fix the drips!
      Yep definitely agree with the WD40 and the Gaffer Tape (Gorilla tape is good gear!).

      We found a pool of water in our R20 over sink pelment a few weeks back, just after we had had high winds and heavy rain. Heart-sinking moment - finding the source of water leaks isn't always easy! Fortunately it turned out to be owner stupidity. On our last camping trip I had popped the roof down but forgotten to secure it with the clips and had been driving round with it like that since . I'm guessing the combination of wind and rain and bouncing along the road, and the top bouncing with it, was the cause as no recurrence. Maybe I should stick a pre-flight checklist to the dashboard . . .


        I like white insulation tape too. White, because armed with a CD market pen you can write on it and leave messages or instructions. I often have a bit stuck on my little loom with the current pattern. Releasable cable ties and velcro straps are often more flexible than regular cable ties.

        I wonder if the push up mechanism of those rear fanlights actually stresses the seals which is why R20s and older C15 Romahomes often have watermarks on the galley headlining.

        I don't know if mine is unusual in that the moulding had a little dip just in front of the passenger side front corner of the rear fanlight so there is often a small puddle of water there and that seems to be where problems occur.

        Anyway those toothpaste tube silicone sealants are good in an emergency and being a conventional toothpaste type tube the sealant is easy to squeeze out to apply.


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