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Cracked glass in back door window of hylo

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    Cracked glass in back door window of hylo

    hi ,

    just wondering if if anyone knows where I can get replacement glass for the window in the black door of my hylo?
    i was trying to take the glass out so I could re seal as I had a leak and cracked the glass in the process. Thank you in advance. Helen

    Ring Romahome on iow on mon morning tel 01983293231 ask for stores Do not e.mail e.mail does not work


      Thanks diggdeep.

      i phoned Monday and am still waiting for a response from Dan bailey. Have phoned again and emailed but nothing as yet!


        This older post might give you the answer:



          E>MAILS Go to the old freeboure site do not aks for dan ask for stores only


            Hel - I suggest you read this thread
            The person to contact is Jordan (or was at the beginning of the year) the email is
            I found him to be extremely helpful.
            The same glass is used in other vans and can often be sourced from a caravan breaker advertising on ebay. My van has a stable door and we had to replace the window in the lower door - we found one the same dimensions.
            If the rubber seal has gone hard - often the cause of leaks you can source that from Seals Direct email
            BTW replacing the filler piece was a piece of cake using the special tool and using silicon lubricant.
            Amor omnia vincit et nos cedamus amori


              As Jon said the windows are standard on a lot of campers and caravans and can often be found on ebay.

              They are usually plastic, not glass and can be removed and refitted in minutes (done this several times)

              This is the first one i found when i looked :


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