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Watching the box

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    Watching the box

    Hi everyone, I've found myself an ideal small combi TV/DVD player for when I move into my C15 for the summer. Mainly I want to be able to watch the films I already have on DVD, but if I wanted to watch, say, Freeview, what would you recommend as an aerial? There seem to be lots of different types. (Though at this rate I may not have much time for viewing, as now that I've told everyone what I'm doing my friends and family all seem to be envying the lifestyle and will be coming to visit me on the site. I'll let you know which one it is so you can avoid the throng! )

    Tv aerial

    We found the majic circle works for us. I has a built in amp and runs off four batterys

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      Thanks very much Brian, I'll bear that in mind. Since I posted here I've had an email from the people who sell the TV, who say:

      'The package includes a portable aerial which can be used to receive Freeview and analogue. The portable mini aerial is best used in areas of strong signal. For areas of weaker signal we recommend the use of a portable booster aerial. A good quality aerial can be found on Amazon.' (They gave me a link.)

      So if their portable aerial doesn't work I'll look at getting what you recommend.



        I have had no luck so far on getting any aerials with a decent reception for digital/FreeView. Reading some review, people craze about one type of thing or another, then you read a post by someone else and they say it’s useless!!!

        I’ve been told that when the digital switch-over happens, they will be using the stronger analogue transmitters to send out the digital signals. At the moment, the mixed masts are using lesser transmitters for the digital at the moment.

        Before you invest a lot in your aerials, I’d wait for the big switch over! I have about 5 different aerials kicking around here – some with boosters, some without. None do the job here I live (I live in a valley). I can tune the TV using my home aerial (which I had to upgrade). If I drive to the top of the hill, some of the little aerials get some of the channels, but drive a few miles away and they often vanish. And I live about 15 miles from the Sudbury transmitter!!!

        I think the key is to get as much out of the air as possible BEFORE you try and boost it. In other words, probably the more traditional aerial with prongs – pointing the right-way round and towards the transmitter will work better than a universal type aerial.

        But hey, don’t listen to me! Where you are or where to camp might have a great signal!!!
        note – with analogue, you might get a fuzzy/snowy/shadowy picture – with digital, that won’t display at all! That’s progress for you!

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          We have got a MAGIC WAND AERIAL and find it is very good for the price, its got an in built booster which runs of batteries so you don't have to plug it in. We have had a really good digital picture with it at lots of sites it is also good for sites that still have analogue signals.

          Having said all this I know of others who say they can't get a picture at all with it, so I suppose it depends on your television.
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            We have the same ariel Graham. Its a bit hit & miss but it works most time. It all depends where we are. We dont watch a lot of TV to be honest because there is usually nothing worth watching.


              get a notebook laptop with tv stick give you best of both worlds dvd player or store them on hdd give access to here if you can get wifi free or other wise can also record tv if you get visitors halfway through a prgram or catch up on missed programs


                Thanks everyone. Maybe I'll stick to books!!!!! Seriously though, I think I'll wait till I'm on the site and then decide what to do.


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