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Romahome wet floor near fridge

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    Romahome wet floor near fridge

    hi I have bought a romahome 2002 and am away this week for first time. All is good except in front of fridge the floor seems to be constantly wet? Any suggestions please Julie

    Hello Julie and welcome to the site

    We have had a number of posts about the same thing on here and I expect somebody will be along to comment.

    Might sound like a silly question, but have you made sure the back door is tightly closed, especially wih all the rain we've had. Apparently the door has two positions for locking or it's possible to adjust the fitment to hold it closed.

    I'm not explaining that very well as it's too technical for my brain.

    Have you had a feel round to see if there are any wet areas on the side walls as the water can work it's way through from any point

    PS: Copy and paste this into the search box and it should bring up conversations " rain in the back of romahome c15 1992

    or this
    Water in my kitchen area!!

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      Hi Jules - I had to replace the floor in the well of my pod - the whole way across with new 19mm exterior grade ply.
      Possible causes of leak
      1. Skylight seals gone - 30 year old silicone needs resealed - remove skylight clean off old seal and refit using good quality PU sealant (which will outlast pod)
      2 Crawl underneath and check seal around where wiring enters the pod (front of the well) Again reseal.
      3. Crawl under check seal where sink waste pipe comes through body - reseal!
      4 If you have wind down stabilisers it can enter via the bolts holding them on - remove - new bolts and pleanty of sealant.
      5. The gas drop out through floor under fridge - it may pay you to make a 3 sided shield around it where it exits. - whatever you do - DO NOT BLOCK IT UP - if you get a gas leak this allows the gas to safely escape.
      6. Check the sink waste pipe is not cracked, split etc - I would replace if it is at all suspect.



        My Duo had a similar issue when I got it.

        Water was coming through the door seal.
        I replaced the door seal (Don't be tempted to use a thicker seal as this will put a strain on the hinges),however this didn't completely solve the problem.
        Close inspection showed that the door curvature wasn't quite parallel with the frame curvature so that when the door was properly closed there was still a bit of a gap at the top.
        I fixed this by sticking a piece of upvc window trin to the top of the door for the seal to close on to and creating silicon "ramps" either side of it. Looks a bit crude with the door open but doesn't show otherwise. Did the job!


        I had my annual Scottish Holiday during 'The Beast From The East" last month and having parked (rather stupidly) back to the wind on one particularly cold night the water taps were frozen in the morning. I wasn't to concerned at the time as I had two flasks of hot water from the night before. A couple of hours later I pulled into a carpark and noticed a wet mark following me in on the tarmac (and road). Inpection revealled water dripping from the underside of the back of the van and a very wet rear footwell. The frost had pushed both pipes (h + c) off the taps and subsequent thaw caused the flood.

        Thankfully the taps were ok although it was a bit of a fiddle getting the pipes back on and a certain amount of mopping up was needed.

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          Have you got a winter fridge vent cover? as water can as did on mine come in through the vent.(1st Beast fron the East)
          The cover cured it although the door seal does leak some times but I don't get the amount of water I had before fitting the cover.
          The cover doesn't cover the gas flu, just the air vent. Look for Dometic / Electrolux vent cover on Ebay.


            My top tip, discovered in biting winds on Orkney - on bitter days work out the wind direction before pitching and make sure your fridge vent is pointing in the opposite direction when you pitch up. It was amazing the difference in temperature just from driving out of our camping bay, swinging the van round and driving back in so we were pointing in the opposite direction with the vent out of the wind.

            Julie, good luck on sorting out the cause, there's a few things but i would suspect the door first - the seals aren't brilliant. Hope you manage to find it soon so you can start enjoying your van.


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