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    R20 door seal

    Like another recent post here, I have water appearing on the floor just inside the back door of my R20...I was never able to detect where it was coming from until recently...when in the Romahome overnight, I saw it coming in at the top left corner of the door (looking out). When I bought it last year, the guy who sold it to me ( a middle man) tried to sort it and I think adjusted the lock slightly and removed strips of door seal, saying it was causing the door not to close snugly...however, as I have finally worked out where it is coming in, what is the best way to sort it? I read somewhere here that the door doesn't always have a good fit.

    Is there somewhere I can take it to get the door fit adjusted and hopefully maybe add an effective door seal, to stop the water coming's not a huge amount of water, but it does gather under a wee mat I have there...not sure it is something I could do, as I'm not overly practical at things like that! I am based in central Scotland...

    I've had to realign my van's rear door several times. It's only a 5-minute job using a torx screwdriver. If the seal needs replacing they're available from Seals Direct.


      Thanks for this...although I have absolutely no idea what a torx screwdriver is, I'm sure I can find out...I may even have one already and don't know that's what it is!! Highly likely... it even sounds as if it is a job that I might manage on my own. Big bro is visiting soon, so I might enlist his help... and I'll order a new seal from Seals Direct. Thanks again...

      Just had a look at their website and there are numerous options...apologies for being a bit dim, but any idea which one I should be getting for the back door of my Romahome. It looks as if in the past, there have been two parallel strips of seal on there, but the guy I bought it from took them off...there's a bit of remains of the strip there, so that will be a fun job to remove before applying a new seal.

      Also how far from the edge of the door should I apply it...once I get the right one?!
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