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Replacement R20 message to Romahome

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    Replacement R20 message to Romahome

    I thought it a good idea to tell Romahome what we actually really value about the current R20/Outlook design if they are going to redesign, as well as the wish list. (Another thread said they were stopping production of the R20 and commissioning new design). I think also it will be helpful for Freeborn to have this feedback.

    Firstly Romahome out there, I would want a spare tyre to be included into the design. I do not like a can of 'goo'.... I like the fact the R20 has a spare tyre built in. I notice you are trying to drop the spare tyre and hoping everybody like me is going to tell you that we want a spare tyre and hate the idea of tyre weld.

    Love the communual layout of the pullman in the R20 and the fact you have belts for 4 people. The loo is great. Outside locker is great. Love the really wonderful Heiki in the roof. Threeway fridge a must... cooking arrangements great... it is a small camper and I think an oven is too much weight. Ease of bed making is great and like the fact the front seats are NOT involved.... the front seats are useful for chucking junk overnight.

    Wishes for me....

    I would like a refillable gas cylinder option such as gasglow with a proper fill point on the body of the van so there would be no problems filling it abroad. This way we could be sure of going away without gas because we could fill up at the petrol station.... It also would not be too heavy for a small camper. Failing that a locker that fits two cylinders OR one of the new calor gas lite cylinders with a gauge. (But am concious this is a small camper and space and weight premium.

    Personally would like the heating/water option as standard.

    Option of a roll out fiamma awning.

    Overhanging tailends may be a traditional Romahome trait but would not be missed.... we really could do without massive overhangs

    Finally keep up the quality.... that is the reason we come to you because we like the quality and excellent customer service.
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    Good thread Tentpeg, anyone else want to add to the wish list for the new model?

    People that matter at Romahome do read this forum so come on let's have your views.
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      Must say I agree with a lot of Tentpeg's sentiments. If we could not have ordered a new R20 in February we would have bought a second-hand one, rather than have purchased the newer R25.

      The current design appears to have served a niche market very well for many years now,so why a change much? We particularly appreciate the volume of storage space and seating/bed layout that does not require the use of the front seats. As someone posted elsewhere, it is great to have two full-length sofas immediately available for a quick lie down without having to rearrange cushions.

      For us, the ability to carry passengers is a must. Equally important is a compact size and fuel effeciency.

      As far as we are concerned, just alter the current fibre glass shell to fit a Berlingo 2.

      If it ain't broke then don't fix it!

      Andrew & Sally
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        I agree with the above sentiments.

        The R25 is a great machine but too big for me.

        Consider a space saving spare wheel instead of full size or goo.

        Consider the use of strong, fabric covered elastic nets to store more items at high level.

        Twin Pullman to allow for six people to be carried when in use as a car? Flexible such that only one pullman is in use when camping and the foot space of the other is used for Storage.

        Cab air con to be standard as in most cars these days (ok a bit tricky when the base vehicle is a van which doesn't come with AC as standard).

        Automatic transmission option.

        Regards, Neil.



          hi tuck del of how R20 6 weeks ago it as 2 long seats good so we can have a quick lie down the tabel as gone in to loft as 2 back cushon as we only use sing beds they are very hard so got some foam of shopeing channel have put sill akel stans in to shed got some sicer jacks ot put under bacl made a sing leg tabel that can be terned in to cab on a night u can put your lat cupper on put mirror glas in the 2 cubert doors a back made 2 level shelf over cab . ON Y DID U DO AWAY WITH THE FRONT SEAT THAT TIP OVER AND PARCEL SHELF IN CAB ? soorey about eny spelling [email protected]


            Originally posted by Brougham View Post
            ...Consider a space saving spare wheel instead of full size or goo.
            Well, as reported elsewhere, we haven't even collected our R20 yet, so maybe I shouldn't be commenting yet. But I'm going to!

            Although it wouldn't have been a deal-breaker, we were really pleased to see a REAL spare wheel despite the space it occupies. (Or is that a newcomer's reaction?)

            If my info is out of date then please let me know, but our current Fiat Punto's space-saver is said to be good for about 50 miles only. (Thankfully, in 8 years we've never had to use it.)

            I'm not convinced that's much help in the event of a late-night blow-out on the M6 when heading for tomorrow morning's Orkney ferry.




              Many thanks for all your comments-yes, we do read them all at Romahome!
              Please remember, we already supply a full spare wheel with the R25 (even with the raked-back version) as well as the 'goo' but the problem is where to store it.
              We are looking at alternatives such as space-savers and will advise you as and when there is another option available.
              Twin Pullman is an option on the R20 now we build on the Berlingo First with its uprated 750kg payload.
              Sadly the automatic transmission still isn't available though we constantly input this as a requirement to Peugeot/Citroen. Several single-user customers downsized to R10 simply because they could specify an auto version.
              We'd like to maintain our policy of building a standard van and then offering a variety of options. This helps to keep the list price down but it's also because items such as air con and heating systems are specified by less than half of buyers. We prefer to build to customer order which allows a buyer to tailor the Romahome to his own requirement.
              Other suggestions are noted and being considered at the factory as we talk.


                Many thanks for the update Andrew, it's gratifying to know that you and your colleagues at Romahome are not only reading the forum but also taking on board suggestions and acting on them wherever possible.
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                  This is exactly why I wanted a Romahome, I don't know of any other company that directly involves and talks to their customers in the way that Romahome does I am a very satisfied R25 owner, I absolutely love our van. (I loved the R20 we had before, but the dog, or rather her crate, outgrew it)


                    "Cab air con to be standard as in most cars these days (ok a bit tricky when the base vehicle is a van which doesn't come with AC as standard)."

                    Couldn't agree more - when we had our Duo Hylo it had aircon - as it had been spec'd for a trip to Aussie land - which it completed without fuss. Upon it's return to Blighty it was put up for sale - and I bought it.

                    I can honestly say, I wouldn't even consider a vehicle these day UNLESS it had aircon - I do some driving for a big local Motorhome dealership, taking their gigantic models to Shows ( Stratford tomorrow) - and I'm amazed the number of 50 - 60k vans that don't have aircon!!



                      We changed from a R20 Outlook to a Dimension only because we wanted a dedicated loo with door as we use no facility sites and friends always knock just at the wrong moment! My feedback is from memory of using the Outlook.

                      R20 is a stunning little van. Perfect for sleeping and storage and sitting and easy to find everything. In fact the luton is larger than in the dimension, I think.

                      We have never used our oven in the dimension so would not have used one in the Outlook. That is what the double skillet is for.

                      We would always opt for a pullman style.

                      The main problem we had was running out of gas and not having anywhere to store a spare bottle.

                      A roll out sun/rain awning option would have been nice, I remember sweltering in Halse Farm one year with no shade anywhere!


                        Roll out awning or a simple piece of awning rail so that a simple sunshade can be used.

                        Andrew can you tell us if the simple awning rail could be fitted at a later date. (I fitted one on our C15 but it was old and worth taking a risk.)



                          Hi Andrew, always good to see your posts.

                          There a lot of people that hate goo... and actually a full size tyre is wonderful thing .... I know they are a pain to fit in.

                          Can I ask through about offering the option of a refillable gas cyclinder BECAUSE it would not take up the space of having two cylinders and would mean you could always top up with gas.

                          We do love the quality of Romahomes and hope you go from strength to strength.


                            Pushing this thread up again because I would really like to know what Romahome think about having the option of fitting a proper refillable cylinder with a proper filler cap on the body of the vehicle like the petrol and water filling points? Just think it seems to obvious solution with a small vehicle to save the spare cylinder problem without incurring extra weight.


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