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Which motorcaravan Where do you buy?

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    Which motorcaravan Where do you buy?

    Trying to source whch magazine for the article on the R25. Can anybody help with a retailler. I really love the look of the R25 but all products have pluses and minuses and I want to know them before I shell outserious money.


    I can't remember which motorhome magazine it is in, but know that I flicked through it in WHSmiths whilst my hubby was in a pre-Christmas queue. Hopefully you can find one there,


      You need 'Which Motorcaravan', January 2010 issue, Wendy and Tony have had a conversation about it HERE.

      You should be able to buy it in WH Smith or any good newsagent and I have even seen it for sale at our local Morrisons.
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        Had the same problem finding the mag...
        After about 10 newsagents found it in WH Smith in Maidstone yesterday, so a Smiths is probably your best bet.
        You can order it online with 50p postage from:

        The review was overwelmingly in favour as the guy said he would buy one tomorrow, although concerns were raised about the overhang at the rear bottoming out on the ground, which is a worry as I plan to do French Ferries this year. May have to knock up some portable ramps

        Tony Anchorman

        Happy New Year All


          Thanks everybody finally traced it in WH Smith. (It was not in Tesco/Sainsburys or Asda).

          Tony have you read a diff article because the reviewer was a woman in the one I read? I think she basically loved it but there were a few 'niggles' as there are with any new model, but this is useful info to discuss with dealer if ordering now as most are simple probs to solve.

          The overhang is not a new problem though is it, outlooks etc have the same problem. How do others find it?

          What worries me about the motorhome though, (as with most motorhomes), is the lowish payload they have as I think the police are likely to get much more rigorous about enforcing limits. I would like manufactureres generally to be more realisti c about provision of payload as I suspect most motorhomes are overloaded.

          The payload is 300 kg sounds great but put in three people to the motorhome before the normal junk, (i.e. one driver three passengers) which it is designed to carry and allowing 70 kg per person this only leaves you 90kg left. The bike rack would eat into this and any bikes you would carry. Then there is the issue of the individual axle loads which could compromise this further... i.e. that there will be limits separately on the front and back axles which need to be taken into account that could restrict this further.

          Would be great if one of the excellent Romahome guys could comment on payload... (as I say all motorhomes are guilty of this....).... is it possible to increase it as an option?

          Could bore on this motorhome for hours but better to make a few points at a time.


            My mistake Sue, thought Jo was a chap as there was a man on the main pic.
            As regards payload 99% of the time it should be only two of us... quite a few relations think they are pencilling it in to their hols... yeah right!

            Tony Anchorman
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              Rear overhang

              We hane never had a problem with our C15 or our Outlook.

              Both have been on many ferries across to France and across rivers in France and we have never grounded.

              We did once ground with our C15 at Grange over Sands When travelling from the campsite at High Fellgate farm towards Grange Golf Club but that was the camber on the road junction.


                Tony I am sure that suddenly people are going to be very keen to join you!

                Seriously though I think payload is an important issue. If I do manage to get an R25 I will be loading it up to capacity at times. Moving you kids in and out of University beginning and end of term is mammouth task.

                Any romahome reps out there regarding increasing payload. Thanks


                  Re payloads. I think you will find that Romahomes take account of a number of items mentioned before giving a payload figure. For instance, on the R40 it defines the driver as equivalent to 75kilos, plus 75 k for every passenger seated, plus a general allowance of 75k, plus all the optional equipment whether fitted or not, plus fuel, drinking water and gas.
                  So that may give a very differnt picture of available payload on the R25 if they have applied the same criterea. I hope someone from Romahome comes on to clear the matter up.


                    Ant will probably know but he's on holiday at the moment. Perhaps you ought to put a thread in Ask Ant when he gets back probably next week.
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                      Originally posted by Roamingsue View Post

                      If I do manage to get an R25 I will be loading it up to capacity at times. Moving your kids in and out of University beginning and end of term is mammouth task.
                      Been there, done that, Sue! My romahome was on its knees at times with the amount of stuff my son took there and back! It was a hellish journey in the car, plus I had to drive home in the same day. Much easier when you have a camper and can stay over! Thankfully my son has now graduated, so no more!


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