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Levelling Blocks

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    Levelling Blocks

    Probably a stupid question.. but we're going to a site (for my Birthday - yay!) that is not level. Reviews say they helpfully provide wooden levelling blocks. Having never used them / noticed them on other vans and being exceedingly untechnical do you just drive onto them until floor seems level? I don't want to do something stupid (again).

    Ta! Heidi


    hi i do not use them but do u have sperit leavel i used a pan with water in to see if it is leavel pull up on sit see war you are the looking to see which weel are low put some in front then drive up have some keep a ey on u so u do not go over top of them site oners keep u right diggdeep


      Hi there

      By "wooden levelling blocks" do they mean blocks to put under the wind-down stabliser legs if latter are not long enough on a slope?

      These are different to the the plastic, wedge-shaped blocks one drives onto. We used ours for the first time last weekend and they did make a difference.

      Just make sure that you park up so that when you go to bed your head will be at the highest point!

      Andrew & Sally


        I would imagine they mean blocks to drive on to. Just get a spirit level or as Digdeep says a pan of water and see which way the van is sloping, put the leveller in front of the wheels you want to raise and carefully drive on to the blocks but make sure someone is outside the van watching you to tell you when to stop.

        It's not recommended to try and level the van using the wind down legs.
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