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R20 Picnic

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    R20 Picnic

    I've posted elsewhere adding to the debate about a replacement for the current R20.

    Additionally, how about a version of the R20 just for day trippers, who don't stay overnight. Significant scope for price reduction.

    Remove :-

    Hot and cold water, sink, pipework, fresh and waste tanks, gas rings and grill, refrigerator, 240v mains wiring and controller and possibly some insulation.

    Low level under seat storage becomes of less necessity.

    Make the heater an option.

    Retain a simple light usage toilet, hand hygiene via wipes or alternative.

    Add :-

    Secure storage for various sizes of vacuum flask, 12volt /mains (for initial cooling at home) Coolbox(es), crockery/cutlery, transportable storage boxes (with handles) for picnic items plus dirty plates etc as required, Twin Pullman so that four can sit and dine, also allows for transport for six when using as a car.

    Hi or Lo? I'm not sure but as the luton space would not really be required, I guess Lo only.

    This is not suggested as a replacement for the R20 which I would like to see continue but on the new chassis. This is suggested simply as an alternative vehicle which may suit the needs of some existing owners plus open up Romahome to alternative uses and thus new markets.


    Neil Evans.
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