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Bicycles and R20Lo

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    Bicycles and R20Lo

    Hi everyone

    I've just joined the forum after a few weeks of reading the posts - we're thinking of buying a Romahome and this site has been really informative so thanks already. I now have a question of my own....

    Does anyone have experience of taking bicycles on the R20Lo? We always take our bikes on holiday and do loads of cycling but wonder what the practicalities are with a romahome.

    Is there a rack that can be fitted or is taking bikes really not a sensible thing to do?

    Any advice please?


    Hello Anne

    Welcome to the forum, we have a few cyclists on here so hopefully someone might be able to answer your question. Meanwhile glad you are finding the forum useful and good luck in your quest for a van.
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      I have not carried bikes but prior to buying investigated.

      The R20 is not set up to carry bikes and although some people have fitted a bike rack by first fitting a tow bar it has major drawbacks. Because of the long overhang the tow bar is 'long' which means it exerts a lever effect, not good. Also the tow bar is expensive as complicated to fit.

      However..... people do manage to carry them inside the vehicle between the seats..... I can imagine organising a fixing system with a bar at the far end would not be that problematic and all you would need is a taurpaulin or suitible covering to protect the seats and away you go....

      I do know somebody posted on here that they managed with some careful positioning to carry two bikes this way. The other option is folding bikes.

      The R25 has a rather clever bike rack one of the main reasons I was tempted.


        We often take 2 folding bikes in bags, they travel in the gap between the long seats or on the Luton (Ours is a hitop)


          Thanks everyone - that's really helpful. I think our next move will be to have a good look at the different Roma vans and see what we think - the plan is to buy one later this year or early in 2012.

          I'm sure I'll be here asking more questions as we get deeper in to this!


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