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Romahome storage

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    Romahome storage

    Having visited the New Forest and Blackpool in our Dimension - would welcome ideas for storing clothes and things in general as we seem to have lots of plastic bags at the moment esp shoes, walking boots, pillows, folding chairs and outside table.


    Hi Ian

    We seem to have loads of space in our Dimension. I always take two pairs of walking boots plus cut down wellies which of course are bulky, we always leave the passenger seat behind the driver down and they go under there with about 4 other shoe pairs. Also on site they can go under dashboard, loads of room there.

    Our clothes are all non iron and small bits or T shirts etc are rolled up and I stand them up in the wardrobe shelves for more space. I have put shower curtain rings on the hanger rail in wardrobe and so each item has its own hook and hanger but separate, if that makes sense. Easier to get things down and put away.

    On site we keep the chairs in one of those huge laundry bags from the cheap shop. It takes two chairs, the portable BBQ and charcoal and is waterproof, so it stays outside all night.

    We use single beds so, on site we always leave the 'driver seat bed' made up with bedding on. The other duvalay is rolled up tight in a cover and it makes a superb seat back on that bed under the window, all covered with a throw. #It is firm and keeps it out of the way and it travels there too. The other pillows are placed along the rest of the bed under the throw so the whole thing looks like a long sofa.

    The beer goes under the floor and wine in door pocket. The space next to loo takes a box of beer. Small Towelling T towels (matching colour to decor of van of course!!) are rolled up and stand behind the bathroom rail all in a row, ready to use a clean one each day.

    We have put shelves in the cupboards so we have two levels.

    The luton has the television, the kite, umbrellas, rucksack, walking poles go in space where wardrobe does not quite slide to wall.

    The small folding table goes behind passenger seat next to oven.

    When we drive off we just slide the chairs still in their bag into back doors and off we go.

    Jill has some very good ideas and I have copied one, which is one of those car boot bags made in the carpeting fabric, it fits on the door step in front of the gas cabinet and velcros to back and floor. Takes boots, magazines or whatever you want.

    Happy camping.


      We've got a Dimension and our Duvalays, chairs and bedding go on the luton. Our walking boots (2 pairs), levellers and small tool kit go in the gas locker. The electric cable goes behind the nearside back passenger seat.

      Small TV in one of top cupboards, clothes, small oil filled radiator, hot water bottle in the wardrobe, if we are going for a long stay we keep some clothes in top cupboards. The other top cupboards hold food, glasses, crockery, some books, portable radio plus other bits and bobs.

      The offside locker under the back seat houses, 2 rucksacks, tv aerial cable, laptops etc. Extra shoes and things go in between driver seat and back passenger seat. Pans in bottom cupboard under cooker, bottles, electric kettle and various other things in the long cupboard under the sink.

      Small BBQ and charcoal, mallet, warning triangle and other sundries in under floor storage. If we take our movelite awning that just goes in the back while travelling.

      There are some storage tips at the bottom of this page on our main website.
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        Graham, I had forgotten about the cupboard under other passenger seat, we keep our spare portable battery for 4/5ish hours television in there; handy for 'that wedding' when we were in a field on the day.


          romahome storage

          Many thanks Flo and Graham for some great ideas-you are right there is masses of storage, but we don't seem very organised at the moment-we are both retiring in July so hopefully we will put our minds to your excellent suggestions.

          Best wishes

          Ian and Margaret


            hi ian and Margaret

            If you are retiring you are going to be busier than ever. There is just no end to the camping opportunities. We have clocked up more than 9 trips this year since March and have many more planned before the Winter kicks in.

            Our grown up kids have forgotten what we look like.

            Happy camping.


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