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    Condensation Advice

    I have had my V reg C15 ‘Violet’ for 3 years now.
    I have just returned from my last camping weekend of the year - and first experience of sub zero overnight Brrr!
    Just one human and a small dog in residence. We have no blown air heating. Although I do have a small gas camping heater I use to take the chill off the inside temp is pretty much at the mercy of the outside one.
    I was not surprised to find condensation on the windows and the bare fibreglass underneath BUT I had some moisture dribbling from under the roof liner above the sink/wardrobe combo. If I pushed the join I could make more come out and run down the side ... not a lot, still dribbles but not sure how much could be held in roof liner itself.

    Any experience of this?

    Could this just be condensation or something more sinister lurking under the liner?

    what, if anything, should I do?

    can roof liner be easily removed and replaced to dry out underneath?

    the previous day was rainy so water ingress is a possibility but I would have expected to see that emerge sooner and in much larger volume ... had pretty heavy rain overnight and on into the afternoon.

    thoughts, experience and advice please

    Were you on hook up MidlandBluebell or wild camping?

    I'm think that camping gaz puts moisture in the air? I might be wrong about that mind you !!!!

    Personally I would have thought that any condensation would have been absorbed by the liner in an even way and not penetrated through the backing.

    If you had heavy rain I'm thinking it's more likely that it came from that rather than condensation.

    I look forward to other replies, much like you I expect, as I am interested. Our liner is very slack in places and I've already stuck some of it back but near our rear door I can't get to it easily without removing the light etc


      You do get a lot of condensation (especially after sleeping overnight) at this time of the year. I made some window liners from insulated foil bubble wrap (from B&Q, for behind radiators) and plastic suckers, so that there was less water on the windows to wipe off each morning, and it worked pretty well.

      What's above your sink/wardrobe combo? If there is a skylight there, then it could be leaking. Even if it's a little distance away, the water will find it's own peculiar pathway out. So where the water is coming out on the inside, might not be the place it's getting in from the outside.

      Unless there's a huge crack in the outer GRP shell (very unlikely), it could be either windows or skylights if it's rainwater ingress. If you can find where the water is getting in and stop that, then you can dry out the inside afterwards.

      What I did, when I had a leak in my elderly demountable romahome, was to get a neighbour to train a hosepipe on the parts I thought were taking in water and sure enough, little beads of water started to appear and I found a leak coming in around one of the windows, which was actually finding a pathway to the front locker. It turned out to be that the rubber seal around the window had deteriorated, and once the old sealant was cleaned off and new sealant applied, that was the end of that.

      Let us know how you get on. Hopefully you will find out what it is pretty quickly!
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        Much like Sandra and Jayjay have said, there may be a leak. If you know roughly where the tell tale leaking is coming in I would do the following to confirm.
        1 - completely dry the area.
        2 - put a bright light over the area so you can clearly see.
        3 - Clamp a hose pipe on spray outside and target the potential area. If you sit inside knowing you have dried it properly and can see with the light you will spot any water running in.

        Hopefully it is just condensation which won't harm the fibre glass. If it is a leak, check the joins on the panels of the canvass. Also worth checking seals where the canvass connects to the shell. It sounds like nothing major...


          Our R20 has had water ingress on a couple of occasions - due to the way it has been moulded water tends to pool around one corner of the small rear roof window. This window pushes up to provide ventilation and let steam escape when cooking but the upward forces when opening had managed to slightly damage the sealant joint and so water seeps in. Like in your case the ingress isn't huge, less than yours by the sound of it and certainly less than you might think after the van has been in a downpour. In my case the fix is easy, just get a ladder and remake the seal with new sealant. The first time I did this was a bit hurried and so it went again (after about 4 years, mind!). Last time I tried to make sure I made a better job so hopefully it will last. Just to add to the fun, the last time we had this problem was after a 24 hour downpour in Krakow, Poland. My Polish is non-existent and certainly doesn't stretch to 'ladder' so you can imagine me miming to the campsite guys to try and borrow a ladder Fortunately we always carry a small squeezable tube of silicone, just in case!

          Worth checking that that window/vent isn't the cause (if, indeed, you have one) - in my case it was obvious as I could see watermarking of the roof lining and it appeared to be spreading out form one corner of the vent.


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