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Suggested updates to new R20's

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    Suggested updates to new R20's

    Some while ago someone listed what alterations they would like on a new R20.
    Here are a further 3.

    (1) On the Pullman version the standard table should be supplied with 4 extra (spindly) legs that screw into the table to enable it to be used outside as well. The reason for screw in is to make it firmer with spindly legs; push in wobble.

    (2) The fresh water tank should have an overflow pipe about ¾ way up so that when you fill it from outside you do not have to keep checking the level, just keep filling until the water flows onto the ground from the overflow pipe.

    (3) The mains electric socket beside the toilet should be a double socket.

    All easily incorporated I should think.

    Graham and Carole

    Yes I started the original thread.... So will further add

    can I add that a refillable gas cylinder as an option so that you could always ensure you have enough gas would be brilliant rather than relying on calor cylinders.... (this may overcome the weight issue.

    A proper spare wheel

    And could we lose the traditional overhang at the back.



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