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How to construct a makeshift bars/grill for inside windows of an old romahome

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    How to construct a makeshift bars/grill for inside windows of an old romahome

    large flimsy side windows - easily forced, open invite to thieves. If you sometimes park your romahome in an unfamiliar area, can you be confident of its safety ?
    anybody got advice on constructing either a grill or bars for just inside the side-windows ?

    So far I have made a single vertical bar for the bottom rear door with a knife edge facing rearwards. it has 8 x 6mm stainless mounting bolts. The top half is the same but the 8mm knife edge vertical bar is removeable and threaded into a fixed secure possition.

    The side windows will have a removeable 30mm x 30mm wire mesh that will attach to a frame secured by 6mm stainless bolts with shallow dome heads facing in from the outside.

    The cab the habitation gap will also have wire mesh that will be detachable.

    Possibly most important will be an alarm system that I will buy and a strong box I intend to weld in place for items of value.

    I was living in my C15 for several weeks in a municipal parking lot for camping cars in the South of France. I never had any serious trouble there apart from me doing some damge to a fella. when I went to Marseille I was followed by 2 arabic buys on an unregisterd scooter. I went kayaking for 4 hrs 20 mins and returned to find the inside trashed completly. They gained access by pulling on each securing point of the pathetically cheap tacky side windows and climbing in.

    I have come back to deal with the banks and make the C15 more secure. I will take pictures of each step and possibly make more that can be installed with just a drill and 6mm drill bit.

    God bless the Vigilante



      Suppose being in one place a lot of the time, like parked on the drive. When the MH goes mobile it sticks out like a sore thumb: "house empty". Maybe the same when your kayak moves off of the top?

      Tony Anchorman


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