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Romahome C15 'Restoration' Project - Should I?

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    Romahome C15 'Restoration' Project - Should I?

    Hi All,

    Been offered a Hi-Top Citroen C15 Romahome which needs some work - Mainly to the bodywork of the base vehicle and a general tidy up on the living section

    This is currently SORN and would be a project for the next few months - Has anyone done anything similar? Is it an insane idea?

    Was considering converting a small panel van over the summer so this seems ideal but would love to hear from C15 owners ect with the problem's they've encountered!

    Any and all help appreciated!! Thanks,

    C15 Restoration

    We had a C15 with the 1769 diesel engine.
    They are economical will do high milages if serviced propably.
    Rust is the main problem with C15 as it is with lots of other older motorhomes.
    Sills, cab floor , inner/outer wings , doors and bonnet are reasonably easy to mend.
    The bulkhead is harder / dearer to get sorted. Check under bonnet round where jack fits.
    We've only just sold our C15 after 4 years of happy reliable economical motorhoming. It cost roughly £100 a year to get threw mot on welding not bad for a f reg with 138000 on the clock.
    I think the design of camper back is brilliant thats why we have upgraded to a Berlingo Duo similar design in camper
    Good luck if you buy and I'm sure you will get help if you need it from others on the forum.
    We found Campton Insurance very competitive £187 fully comp with 5k milage allowance. They match whatever no claims you have on other policies.


      We've just bought our first Romahome. A Hytop. 1991. 1769 cc. Milage............well who knows? However. The chap that owned it before us spent a lot of money doing up the body work. Replacement doors (Not new) Bulkhead welded where the master cylinder is to strengthen it. Over the front struts and sills. Believe it or not the rest of the chassis including the parts where the rear suspension mounts is perfect. The inside was in really pretty good condition. Dawn and I have just finished doing all the bits we wanted to including AT LAST !!! A new set of correct tyres (see my old thread about the difficulties) We've left the glowplugs except one new one (See my old thread about this) We have a new intellegent split charger relay (see my old thread) And are setting of for about five weeks touring Wales.
      It's not perfect. There are lots of mini niggles to do.
      Go for it. We've had other campers in the past from post office Morris Marina to VW and bigger and smaller. This one is great fun.
      See you on the road.


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