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What type of Romahome is this?

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    What type of Romahome is this?

    Hi there.. I only bought this yesterday - does anyone know what type of Romahome it is?
    Also I have seen some with the spare wheel on the front and I think they look really cute ! I want mine to do that too as it looks like a nose
    How would I do this?
    Thanks Heidi xx
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    Hi welcome to the forum!!

    Your romahome is one of the demountable ones made in the 80's (I think). If it is on a diahatsu the camper part has been removed from it's original chassis and mounted onto a newer vehicle. I understand your camper part is one of the later models cos it has opening side windows. We had a very similar one when we joined the forum but it's windows didn't open.

    As for the front mounted spare wheel, these are not advised on the dihatsu I'm afraid, it reduced the airflow through the front grill and the engine overheats, or at least that what I was told when I looked at doing the very same thing to ours
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      Thanks for such a prompt reply



        Hi there Heidi!

        I used to have a demountable, on a Bedford Rascal Chassis. Is yours Dihatsu or Bedford? I awlays thought the spare wheel looked good on the front of some I saw, but mine was fond of overheating anyway, so I don't think it would have been a good thing to do! I used to travel with the spare inside, underneath the table. If I was by myself I would leave it there and use it as a foot rest when I was camping in it just for a weekend. On campsites for longer stays I would just pull it out and put it underneath the van behind the back door. It's not really a problem to move it back and forth. Some ppl put them in the Luton (the bit above the cab) and leave them there. All depends what else you're carrying around!


          The spare is usually fitted onto bull bars and this hold's the wheel off of the front so it shouldnt rsdtrict the airflow in any way. It might even help in holding the front down as these demountable romahomes are a bit heavy towards the back anyway.

          I think the only problem you will have is getting a good set of bull bars as they are quite rare for a rust free set.


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