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Look at my new toy!!!!

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    Look at my new toy!!!!

    I have a 1990 Romahome. Like all Romahomes d'un certain age, it is starting to rot. It passed its MOT without any attention last month, but I was warned that it will probably need welding last year.

    So, I bought this, with a view to doing a body transplant. Just picked it up, it's like new!

    I have a friend who has done them before, but has anyone on here done this with a Romahome? I don't care about resale value, there is no way I'm selling it, ever. The insurance company is not so bothered so long as I can get it certified by an engineer. And I'm happy for it not to carry the Romahome badge.

    But sharing experiences would be good.

    That's A Cracker!!!

    Thats a cracker Chris,
    Dunno about a transplant, But a good solid tree and a stout rope would get the old one off:so happy:
    May be worth considering getting hold of ANT in the tech section for reccomendations of authorized peps
    You could also build yourself a Stealth jobby, leaving it as it is,
    Bargains are around if you look,
    Best of luck with your decision,
    If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again


      I think you've found a great vehicle there complete with a full service history.

      I would agree with Pete (above) on the stealth issue and leave it as it is to make a bargain campervan. It's easy to insulate and basically fit out at very low cost and if you need extra space for storage - fit a roofbox on that roof-rack. You have so many options - and as it is glazed to all sides, it should be accepted on all campsite.

      Very well done indeed!


        How would you make that into a stealth camper? It's a bit short, isn't it? Some sort of awning, perhaps? Removable front seats?

        I must admit, as I have a caravan already, I'm tempted to just tow with it and sell the Romahome. The roofrack would be handy and it has a fitted towbar.

        But then, my Romahome is a lot better than anything I could do on a DIY basis, and a caravan is much less convenient. If it's will be a high quality job; the friend who might be doing it is a professional car mechanic and owns a garage. I'd be happy driving anything he'd put his name to. I know it will be at least as much as my van cost to do properly.

        Decisions, decisions...


          I'm guessing that it's similar in size to a Kangoo or Berlingo and, if so and if the front seat/s push forward then, with a raised platform 460mm'ish to make the 'bed'/seating this could create a 2m long 'bed'. Another removable unit could house a porta-potti with a 'sink' above fed via a jerrican to the side. Add a slide-out sink-cover and this could form the base for a camping cooker.

          If you'd like to see how I arranged my Kangoo - just send a PM and I'll forward the website link.


            Measure twice and cut once

            Yer! Wot she says M8 ( my twopence worth):so happy:

            Yer can't have both Chris, (Well maybe you can;)
            If you fit the Roma to your new wagon, You will have a ton of spares to keep ya going for a while,
            Measure twice and cut once my da used to say, To my ideas
            I have confidence in you
            If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again


              Decided to sell my lovely old Romahome. ):

              It's no good letting your heart rule your head.

              I will use this new C15 for a while, look after it, and if I can find a rotten hitop, I'll buy it and do a transplant.


                Photos here:


                Taxed and insured today!


                  Lovely vehicle, indeedy Chris!

                  I thought of doing something similar with a ford courier van, one like this, only I would need an automatic! They are a lot harder to find!



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