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the value of a roma pod on its own

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    the value of a roma pod on its own

    ie, without the accompanying vehicle.
    they seem to appear quite frequently on the net. The prices vary greatly. What is the approximate value (and applications) of a romahome pod in good condition.
    any other general observations ?

    Dont know the value but they fit/can be made to fit:
    bedford, diahatsu and suzuki pickups, also piaggio which are built in Italy to a diahatsu design.

    I have also seen one fitted to a fiat fiorino pickup and also to a Jowett Jupiter.

    If you an find a Jiffy pickup truck they can also be made to fit see here


      Tony at has some pods at £1200, I would guess these are at top price as they are in good condition.

      I would expect to pay a lot less if they were needing new foams and tatty.
      Derek Our Berlingo camping car


        We bought our from Ant for £500 and what a beauty. its an older model but it was insulated on the ceiling and walls as factory standard, and we lined the parts around the front window and the fronts of the seats ourselves to compliment it.

        I seen some on a well knows auction site for around 2 to 3 hundred which although they look like they need a lot of TLC would make a nice little project foe some DIY-er. If they have not had a leak throuh the roof vent thats even better, but still repairable.

        They can be adapted to fit most pick ups (mine is an 05 suzuki carry) with a little effort.


          I struggled to get £350 a few years ago for a complete pod on a tatty Honda. Pod was virtually mint with full interior, fridge, toilet etc. I only managed to sell because buyer wanted me to deliver (they paid for fuel), unload pod and then take Honda away to be scrapped.
          Funny how when you are selling they are worthless yet when you are buying they are worth a small fortune

          Paul h


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