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Too Young for a Romahome?

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    Too Young for a Romahome?

    Hi Romahomers

    Please forgive the ageist title - let me explain.

    I bought my first campervan 7 years ago when I was in my early 40s. I visited a local small dealership and went straight to an oldish C15 hi-top Romahome. I use my 'van as a daily driver and camp on my own, so didn't want or need anything too large and the Romahome design seems to fit a quart into a pint pot.

    The salesman asked if I needed any help and we got chatting. I explained that I didn't want a large camper for the above reason and was looking at a Renault Traffic hi-top and the Romahome.

    The dealer said "you don't want the Romahome - they're for old people who are scared of or can't drive a larger vehicle"!

    This put me off buying the Romahome, but I've always thought they're an excellent design.

    This country is terrible for putting labels on objects and people so was the salesman right?

    Are there any under 50 Romahome owners out there?


    What an ignorant chap!

    I expect he was trying to sell you something larger because the main camping season is coming to a close and he wanted to shift some slow-moving stock - and knew the Romahome would be quickly snapped up because there's always a demand for these.

    I'm under 50 and would love a Romahome - and will have one, one day. For now, however, an adapted panel van suits my needs better - it's cheap, I can insure it for business use to include carriage of goods and I can carry bulky goods such as hay bales in it which I couldn't in a RH.

    I don't believe Romahomes are for the 'old' - I would have loved one while in my 20's or 30's but they were way beyond my budget. Probably the reason a lot of over 50's have them is because they're camping as retired couples and have no need for a big, bulky tin tent which doesn't fit beneath height barriers, blocks a driveway, is impractical for town/supermarket shopping....

    If the dealer feels the RHs aren't suitable for under-50's that wipes out a large section of his potential customers so, why not take him at his word and replay his argument to him while agreeing wholeheartedly - and making him a silly offer based on his own arguments!!!! ;)


      I would assume that passing a comment like that means neither the salesman nor the company are a good bet to deal with.
      Ignore his comment, which at best can only be regarded as a PERSONAL opinion and look elsewhere.
      I wonder - if he was dealing with motorbikes he would refuse to sell me one because I am 72 years old? By the way. I don't want one anyway because I have THREE!
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      Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


        I agree with the above comments! Several of the Romahomers on here are young, Glen and his wife and baby for a start... I'm sure there are others.

        The romahome would indeed be perfect for you and your lifestyle. The only point I can think of which might possible have led to his comments was that the older Romas aren't very speedy, which might put off someone who wants to speed drive everywhere? That doesn't mean to say they dont go up to the speed limits and above though!


          Hi JohnL, and welcome to the Forum.
          I would love to know the name of the salesman you dealt with who made such an ignorant remark. I wonder how many people he's discouraged from buying one of the handiest motorhomes around? I guess we all have our favourites and probably think our own motorhome is the bees knees, though. I have a C15 Romahome and I'm over fifty but if I could have afforded one in my thirties or forties I certainly would have bought one.
          I've never had such fun camping before and I put most of it down to my 'little' motorhome! :so happy: Maria


            To be honest a large proportion of people that own ANY modern camper van are retired, because of the expense. They sell there home and downside and buy a camper for there retirement and good luck to them. That is the reality. Just look at the ads and the way the average motorhome mag is written and you can identify the target market and it is not the 20-30 market that is for sure.

            Younger people can be seen in older campers because of the expense for instance old demountables and the like. People with families later on have lots of financial pressures anyway but even the wealthier familes are hardly going to buy an R20, it would not be sensible.

            In my opinion, and it is ony my opinion the R20 is an ideal single person/ occasional double vehicle. Sadly many people lose their partner/divorce when they get older so can see why they get an R20. Younger people with a mechanical bent are to be found driving the older version of the small motorhome or often their own van conversion because of the expense. Seen Bambis and demountables often driven by younger people.

            I am in my early fifties so I am afraid I do fit the stereotype, although if I had the money earlier would have owned one ages ago. My advice though is to do what you are happy with and blow everybody else. For what it is worth a couple salespeople did the image thing on me to I went away thought about it and just kept coming back to the Romahome because I liked it.
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              Originally posted by Tentpeg View Post
              Younger people with a mechanical bent are to be found driving the older version of the small motorhome or often their own van conversion because of the expense.
              My son, aged 34 has his own van conversion. He (like myself with a small caravan) couldn't find a Roma cheap enough, or we would both have bought one! LOL!!


                I have had small motor homes for nearly 4 decades,i was in my 20`s when I started and my R20 is the most comfortable of them all,it has a top speed of 95 and it cruises at 80mph,slow?I dont think so.He just wanted to shift old stock.
                Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


                  I think the salesman is right in saying that most Romahome owners are over 50 but his reasoning is wrong.

                  The reasons have already been outlined by others i.e. people over 50 are more likely to be able to afford a motorhome and Romahomes are ideal for single people and couples and younger people are more likely to still have families so will need a bigger van.

                  I suspect as others have said that he wanted to sell you a larger more expensive van.

                  P.S. Welcome to forum.
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                    that was a dodgy salesman. Romahomes are perfect for music festivals and lots of young people like them.


                      I'm a long way off 50 .. and I have a demountable romahome ... and love my little 'ice cream van' as soo many of my friends call it ...
                      I make occasional visits to reality, but I'm not a full time resident


                        Not surprisingly the company has ceased trading since I bought the Renault.

                        When the time came to purchase a new 'van in 2007 I seriously considered the Romahome as Avon Motor Caravans are not too far from my home and the company seems very knowledgeable and friendly.

                        Ultimately I bought a new Citroen Relay Leisuredrive conversion as at £20k it was significantly cheaper than the new Romahomes.

                        I do find on occasions it's a bit big for squeezing into tight parking spaces as I like to venture off the beaten track, and use the 'van as my daily transport so I think I will definitely re-visit the idea of a Romahome when I change vans next.



                          Romahomes for old fogies?!!!

                          Ok, I fit the stereotype, being quite a bit over 50, but would have loved to have had the money for a Romahome when younger.

                          As other members have commented, when young, you often have responsibilities for children, maybe repaying personal university debts or trying to help the younger generation through uni, big mortgages etc. The best most could hope for is a small / older campervan of some type, preferably big enough to take a family / friends / music gear or whatever. Perhaps a VW van. These are attractive to all but I wonder how many of the older age-group would relish sleeping in a 3/4 bed?!!

                          Also there is the allure of the cheap package holidays which perhaps might appeal more to youngsters?

                          Could only recently afford my beautiful little R20 thanks to a redundancy windfall whilst I was in the retirement age bracket. And it was eye-wateringly expensive, by my budget! But: easy to drive, a comfortable bed, warm and cosy whatever the weather. not so bad, really ;)

                          Believe you me, the youngsters in the family are ALL eying it avidly!

                          So for oldies only? A resounding 'No!' The main limiting factor being the initial costs, but then, the older models seem to be reliable and affordable. So go for it!
                          Carpe diem! :)


                            Originally posted by JohnL View Post
                            Ultimately I bought a new Citroen Relay Leisuredrive conversion as at £20k it was significantly cheaper than the new Romahomes.

                            Mainly because of price we also went for a Leisuredrive - on a T5 VW. It is also our only vehicle, which is fine, but being a high top we have to remember to look out for height barriers!


                              I'm feeling very young at 26 and having got my C15 two years ago I was quite likely the youngest person to have his own Romahome. It took quite a financial toll but since its my primary vehicle it's worth it. It's actually cheaper for me to insure than most cars.

                              My girlfriend and I just spent a very comfortable weekend at the YNOT festical near Matlock Derbyshire in my HyLo, the first time she's slept in it and she was very impressed.

                              In 2 years she's suffered festivals, beach trips, kayaking trips (with lots of wet gear and kayaks strapped to the roof), 3 girlfriends, scout camps, >25k miles, some bodge-job repairs, unskilled servicing and a hell of a lot of love.

                              If I can be doing the same at 70 I'll be very proud of myself.


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