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New R20 and Jubilee

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    New R20 and Jubilee

    As there seem to be various rumours circulating about R20 and its replacement let's end the speculation and give you the latest news direct from the factory.

    Romahome Ltd had been aware for some time that Citroen would eventually stop production of the Berlingo First which would mean the end of our hugely successful R20 models.

    By reading various threads on this forum you would know that over the last three months owners have been talking about what they want to have included in any eventual replacement for the R20.

    The overall consensus has been to build ‘ the same again’ but on the new Berlingo chassis. ’ Don’t let it get any longer’,’ Keep things simple’ etc. We know from examining the options ordered for the Outlook/R20 the specification most customers have preferred and will also be able to include a few new clever features without losing the essential character of a vehicle that started its Citroen life 25 years ago in 1986 as a Romahome C15 Hitop. We’ve listened to comments from many Romahome owners and appreciate all this very valuable input.

    Well the good news is that we can confirm that the replacement R20 is under way (and under wraps) in our R&D department and has been for several months.

    The first question inevitably is ‘when can you see one?’. Existing owners will appreciate that moulding to a high standard means you have to spend an inordinate amount of time on sculpting and building the first mould. Sadly, the dimensions of the new and old Berlingos are completely different so we’ve pretty well had to start again.

    Once we have built the prototype we then need to ‘productionise’ the factory line which again leads to time delays. At this stage, March 2012 is our target date to deliver the first models sold.

    Inevitably with the poor Euro exchange (the Citroen chassis and many of our components are sourced from Europe and paid for in Euros) there will be a price increase over and above the standard R20 models. We’ll do everything possible to minimise this by finding easier and quicker production methods without affecting quality. Time will tell!

    The existing R20's are still in high demand and the factory of course needs to keep working so with such a potential delay before we can show the new model we decided to release a limited edition R20 but at a very attractive price.

    We knew there were a number of existing owners keen to buy ‘one of the last’ and thought it would be a nice touch to celebrate our 25 year anniversary with Citroen and launch a limited edition model called the R20 Jubilee with a production run of just twenty five vehicles (definitely not 50 as reported).

    We have included Pullman seating, a new silver/maroon R20 Jubilee logo, scatter cushions and upholstered front seats and a Heki on the Hi and reduced the price to £27,995 OTR for both Hi and Lo models. This options package amounts to savings of nearly £2000 and the Jubilees will be available for delivery this September on the new ‘61’ number plate.
    Avon Motor Caravans, Richard Baldwin Motorhomes, Freeborn Motor Homes and the Romahome Centre have all placed factory orders and will be receiving their first Jubilees soon.

    We have always restricted our production volumes whilst maintaining high build quality and this combination has given Romahome probably the lowest depreciation and the best residual values in the marketplace. The Jubilee range and the new model have been designed to help us maintain this position. Both will be great value for money.

    We will update you on the new model late Summer but, in the meantime, there is nobody at the dealerships or factory able to give you any more information than above.
    The R25 range will slot in above the new R20 as a bigger vehicle with more space and will undoubtedly continue to justify its award as MMM's 2010 Small Motor Home of the Year.
    Sorry for posting such a long note but there's quite a lot to say and I didn't want to leave anything out!

    There you have it folks, straight from the horses mouth, many thanks Andrew for coming on here and letting all us Romahome enthusiasts have an exclusive insight into the latest news from the factory.
    Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


      Yippee!! Great news Andrew.

      Can you keep pushing for an auto option (with cruise control) please.
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        Originally posted by Brougham View Post
        Yippee!! Great news Andrew.

        Can you keep pushing for an auto option (with cruise control) please.
        Very interesting, thanks for taking the time and trouble to explain it all!

        I'd love an auto option as well!! It's a market not often explored by small motorhome makers. There are only the bongos, freidas and the toyota campers with automatic gears, unless you go LARGE.


          I look forward to part exchanging my old R20 for a new R20 in due course.
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            Originally posted by Ian STOCKLEY View Post
            I look forward to part exchanging my old R20 for a new R20 in due course.
            You and me both Ian, i fancy the pullman version, i will take a trip upto Richard Baldwins as soon as the have one delivered.



              New r20

              only if they tell you if it is going to be at the nec birmingham i would go down to see it as no one tell ose all price if price is to dear ill go for the R25 diggdeep


                R20 Jubilee editions and Roma spotting!

                Popped in to Freeborn in Southampton on Sunday, they had a couple of the 'Jubilee' R20s on display, they now look very good value with some good extras fitted and good looking upholstery too.
                Looking at the R25 on display its hard to see how they'll get the new R20 hylo low enough to go under many height barriers (hope I'm wrong!)

                Oh saw 2 Romahomes on the A27, a Berlingo Duo traveling east and a C15 going west, too wet/far away to wave

                Happy trails



                  hi andyvan is it only the R20 jubilee ? or the new new R20 as i can not find out if it is going to be at birmingham or not as i have put a pre order on one if it going to be over the prise of £ ill go for the R25 (tom) diggdeep p/s any on no of any photos of jubilee on net


                    Hi Tom,
                    Yes only the Jubilee edition models, one hylo and a hitop on display, no sign at all of the brand new models, on talking to the Freeborn guy he said it was still under development at the factory. I don't think it'll be at Birmingham, though I'm sure they'll publicise it here if it is far enough along to show.
                    This mirrors what Andrew from Romahome said at the top of this thread I think, it will be very interesting to see what they come up with when the new models do appear.
                    All the best


                      Andrew at Romahome hello. I am going to be blunt.

                      I would prefer you do not rush things and get the design RIGHT. A bit of waiting will build the anticipation in the long term if the design does not have flaws it will be better as well for sales and the company.

                      You did have problems with your new models that honestly should have been spotted and solved before the first models were sold. (eg. Grounding in the R25).

                      Payload... at some point the police will start stopping motorhomes so make sure there is enough...

                      Personally when buying I also look first at the aftercare service and I talk extensively to existing customers particularly those who had problems and how these were resolved.

                      You have a wonderful product in the Romahome get it RIGHT first time.
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                        rey ply R20

                        in reply to andrew at romahome do you wish ose to by your motor home when u will not tell ose ware we can see it we all do not live close to a del to go see it some it is a days trip u have the jubile out but no photos on any site how can we sae if we like it (tom) diggdeep



                          just been inside the new Jubilee, hi lo and duo from what i could see there is no differance to the older models, i dont know weather there are meant to be any differance or not, on the forecourt there was a brand new dimension and a new R20 both sold.



                            Thanks for your input and if you visit the details of the Jubilee and some pictures are now posted in the 'Latest News' section.
                            Just to confirm, this is the final version of the successful R20 model and helps celebrate 25 years of building Romahomes on Citroen base vehicles, hence the silver theme and the name.
                            We are building just 25 and both Jubilee Hi and Lo versions will be on the Romahome stand at the NEC
                            The pricing is particularly attractive and with the specification of the standard model represents a saving of around £1500-2000. Please see my first posting on this thread for more information or just visit the website.


                              We went to the Shepton Mallet show a couple of weeks ago and Freeborn had a stand,we had a chat with Brian Bailey and Neville who told us that they had sold 5 Jubilee models at the show even though they didnt have one ready to display.We asked about the new R20 and all they would say was that we were bound to love it and that it willbe less than £30,000 it will have a few clever features and when we look inside we will want one.They are not sure whether it will be ready for the NEC and were advising people to ring Freeborn just before


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