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Living in a C15 Romahome

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    Living in a C15 Romahome

    Hi, I'm planning to live in my N Reg C15 Romahome for a while, including an autumn and possibley winter too. I'd be very grateful for any tips re heating (both with and without electric hookup) (can't afford to have anything installed), maximising storage space, getting clothes/coats/towels etc dry and anything else. Thank you. Lynda

    hello lynda.

    As I am a newcomer here I am not qualified to offer much advise, We have recently bought our romahome and I am equiping it with minimal starting off with 'microfibre' towels. I have made use of these at home, they are a good purchase as they dry quickly on both counts!! Don't take up much space either. The friendly people on here will give you plenty of tips.


      Hi Lynda, that's very brave of you!

      I think you need to be on EHU over winter really, and then you can use a small electric radiator to keep warm. I think it's ok without electric in the winter for a holiday, but if you're going to live in it for a long period of time, then I would really consider EHU. It's quite expensive per night though on campsites - I think they must make a fair bit of income from their charges.

      Getting things dry is also going to be a problem (unless the campsite has laundry facilities) and as Jessie says, microfibre towels will be a must-have.


        I'm interested in this idea. The longest I've lived in my Roo (smaller than a Romahome) is 2 weeks but it's surprising how quickly you can adapt to a very small living space.

        The main tip is - avoid clutter and invest in good camping gear.

        The microfibre towels are brilliant - they dry quickly, don't smell when wet and take up very little space.

        Consider your clothing - a good baselayer, a windproof fleece mid-layer and something like a down gilet can serve you well throughout the winter. All are versatile, wash and dry quickly (apart from the down) and take up little space.

        Buy a good sleeping bag. If you get cold at night then it can be difficult to warm up. Duck down is best but there are some very good 4 season synthetics.

        Also if you don't have EHU then keep a close eye on your battery power. I use a solar-powered/wind up torch-radio which can also charge my phone and rely on my leisure battery as little as possible. I have no heating source so my one luxury is a 12v microwave which I use to heat up snugglesafe heatpads, both of which I highly recommend.



          I was in conditions as bad as -12 for a week in my C15 with no EHU, if I was to do it again i'd modify the gas locker to take propane (butane doesn't work when very cold). Propane is also cheaper but requires a different regulator.

          An EHU would allow an always-on thermostatically controlled oil filled 500watt to 1000 watt radiator to keep your heating needs met nicely. They are very cheap from argos. I'd concider investing in an electric blanket too.

          I've done other capming too so have some other tips. Unscented baby wipes are very useful, so are cleaning wipes (I use tesco multi action antibacterial), face wipes (tesco clear skin) - these wipes are very handy for cleaning cooked on dirt too because they have a rough surface.

          A supply of duct tape, WD40, string, disposible cutlery and bowls can make life much easier. You can often get disposible cups, cutlery and bowls in discount shops for a fraction of the price you'd find them in a supermarket. 10 polyethene cups in tesco is about £1.50 whereas 30 cups in poundland is, unsurprisingly £1.

          I rarely have my fridge switched on when it's cold generally. I buy milk as UHT 500ml cartons, 6 at a time in a pack. Each one lasts me 2 days of breakfasts and coffees. Noodles make great budget snacks and store well, so does tinned fruit. Spreadablestuff for sandwiches is best brought in the smallest containers possible because they perish quickly once open (with the exceptions of peanut butter and chocolate spread). Small pots of meat paste from princes are enough for a couple of sandwices too.

          If it is just yourself sleeing in the C15 i'd get some plastic storage boxes. 3 or 4, good quality opaque ones that don't flex, with lids. They can be moved around very easily and doubles your storage capability while keeping things tidy. I sleep diagnonally accross my C15 for maximum length without bothering to use the extension plank. The boxes either go in the corners of the bed i'm not sleeping in stacked 2 high or on the seats in the front.

          The last investment I made that was quite handy was a plastic sheet to go over the windscreen when camped. Not only did it mean I didn't have to defrost in the morning I'm pretty sure it helped keep a little heat in. Silvered ones are available to do the opposite in the summer.

          Bedding: Using a thick blanket or unzipped sleeping bag as a sheet to lie on helps insulate you from below and makes sleeping more comfortable too. You can then lie in another sleeping bag on top or just use a duvet or do both like I often do. Duvet size single will be sufficient for a C15, at least a 13.5 tog.

          As for clothing, lots of thin layers are better than one or two thick ones. try to make each layer different though. For example, a vest top, a cotton t-shirt, a synthetic t-shirt, a wooly jumper, a fleece coat then a waterproof coat will keep you warm in the harshest UK climate. Lots of cotton t shirts will just hold moisure though and become ineffective over time. Concider treating your outer layers with nikwax but make sure your base layers can wick away moisture. Never underestimate the power of a warm hat, regardless of how silly it looks.

          What is the situation that is requiring you to live in your van for so long?


            An external "silver screen" is a must. Ours is superb - cool in summer but warm in winter. On frosty nights we can sleep with no heating on and the cab windows open a fraction for ventilation. One other thing. Our Outlook had a permanent vent under the rear door. This caused all sorts of cold draughts especially when using the loo. It has been replaced by a sliding vent and so we can now control the air flow


              One other thing. Our Outlook had a permanent vent under the rear door. This caused all sorts of cold draughts especially when using the loo.

              Oh, I shall have to check that out on ours as well then! I dont relish a flow of cold air at inconvenient times


                some handy tips there sloeman, I shall introduce some of those to my kiting out list as well.

                Thank you


                  Living in C15 Romahome

                  Not too sure how this works but am hoping this works as a reply to everyone that has posted. Haven't checked the forum for a few days so was delighted by all the really helpful responses - some short, some long but all much appreciated. I'm preety much decided on EHU in cold weather - electric blanket great idea. Never thought of that. Don't like sleeping bags but maybe need a warmer duvet. Bought some folding crates from Tescos - can get up to 6 under the bed and they fold flat when not in use.
                  Re propane - was enquiring in a motorhome dealership last weekend and was told that the containers were too big to fit in my Romahome storage compartment (on outside of ven) - were they maybe wrong - has anyone used this in an old C15? Alternatively, need to wrap the calor gas up with something I guess. Will also get windscreen thingy.
                  One storage problem has been solved. I am a book addict but was bought a Sony Touch reader for birthday/Xmas - with the added memory card I can get about 12,000 books on it! However, for economy am only downloading free books so will be doing some very eclectic reading! (If you are unaware of Project Gutenberg its certainly worth a look).
                  Sloeman (not real name?) asked why I plan to do this. Hmm. Short version. 2 years ago sold house in Highlands so that I could work less and live on capital (untuil it runs out then live on state pension). Rented here (Devon)but lease expires end of June. My daughter wants me to move back to Scotland and help her with her ecotourism business. And I like the idea too. But also love the South West. So don't know where I want to live next! Have also always had a fantasy about travelling the British Isles for a while in the van. Visit lots of bird reserves etc. Be busy doing nothing. I'm also a telephone life coach so can even work (not that I intend to do too much!). Seems like a good time to do it. Hoping also will save some money.
                  Sorry if this posting is much too long. I don't really do forums etc so not sure of etiquette.
                  Thanks again everyone (I may use the 'blog' (I hate that word!) facility on my web site once I'm 'on the road' - unless I don't have any adventures and it would be too boring!)
                  PS You'll know me if you see me. On the bonnet is stencilled "Its' just the gypsy in my soul"! Old song.


                    Hi, glad to hear your response.

                    Someone did say they had managed to modify their C15 to take Propane in this thread:

                    keep in touch with the forum, there is a lot of good advice here for any questions.

                    Good luck with your travels, I envy your freedom!

                    While in the south west, before you venture around the u.k you might want to visit Ant and get a full service and habitation check. If you have any technical issues there would be nobody better to ask. He is based just south of Bristol airport I think.


                      Lovely to hear of your plans Lynda, it will be a great adventure for you, hope it all works out.

                      Glad you found the forum helpful, we will certainly look out for your van and give you a if we see you.

                      I agree with Sloeman Ant at Avon Motors in Bristol is the man to have a look at your van for you, he's our Romahome expert and will sort out any problems for you.

                      Best of luck, keep us informed.
                      Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


                        from me. Whatever you do, I wish you safe and great adventures. It would be good when you begin your travels if you keep in touch and let us know how it is all going for you.


                          Living in C15 Romahome

                          I'll post my website (its before I go.
                          Thanks all for good wishes. Oh yes - and I bought my van from Ant so always take it to him for services.


                            Wow Linda,
                            You are so sorted and brave. I can't wait to follow your adventures.
                            Aileen. xx


                              Well Aileen. Quite sorted. [I]Sometimes sorted!Not [I]always[I] sorted! But the 'byline' for my Coaching practice is "Give Your Life Wings" - so I have to 'walk my talk' as the saying goes!


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