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Draining water system for the winter

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    Draining water system for the winter

    Hi everyone. I've just managed to syphen out and clean the cold water tank on my C15. :so happy:
    But now I need to know exactly how to drain the system down for the winter. Don't want any freezing pipes etc.
    I know it's only August but I like to have time to get my head round it.
    I think I saw something from Ant on the Forum recently - he was talking about doing all the vehicles in his yard - but now I can't find it.
    Please can anyone help me?

    Hi Maria
    I've sent you a pm re this, giving the gist of an article someone kindly sent me. I hope it helps. The article was from the Roma magazine - I hope no-one will object to my sharing this extract.

    Re water, it said:
    Drain out water from tanks. Then unscrew tap and let out any water out of the body of the tap. Leave the taps open and pump out.

    I guess one also needs to see to the loo.
    Carpe diem! :)


      There is no need to worry about the loo if you use antifreeze. There is a product called Bronze 2 Gold Green Antifreeze made specialy for portable and cassette toilets, made by T.E.C. UK Daventry, Tel 01327 844444. We use it in the R40 as it has a seperate toilet water tank from the drinking water supply. Obviously if a van has only one supply for both it's a no no.


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