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Honda Acty V Renault Trafic Campervan

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    Honda Acty V Renault Trafic Campervan

    Hi folks

    honda acty managed to get stopped by Vosa and they put my wee MIss Piggy off the road, so have been vanless for a wee while

    am looking at buying a Renault Trafic Campervan - A reg - so quite old, but in great condition - has anybody got one of these and can give me some tips

    a mechanic recently told me that Renault was his worst brand, in his opinion


      Can I ask why did VOSA put the Acty off the road?
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        fibreglass bottle

        it was like aboat with a fibreglass bottom and it was affecting the steering aparently - so dangerous

        they gave me 21 days to fix it but couldn't be fixed as nothing to weld to

        had to scrap it


          There are quite a lot of R.Trafic campervans around,the roma St michael was one,they were a popular conversion some years ago.
          I can only suggest that if the price is right,use common sense and look all over for rust,high milage etc get someone who is versed in vans to have a good look,its pretty old and may not like being driven hard,you could be throwing good money away. why not offer to pay a garage mechanic to come with you to a viewing and let him/her crawl over it incognito,it might save heart ache in the long run.
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