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Dimension Driving Position

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    Dimension Driving Position

    Hi All.... We have had our Dimension a few weeks now it is now our sole means of transport I have driven the different range of Sevel vans from the first Talbot continuously.

    I now find a strange phenomenon my wife has been telling me I now drive to the left both when overtaking and on an open road at first I dismissed this as a non-drivers opinion but I now see that I am, if I drive forward into a parking bay I am too far to the nearside if I reverse into a parking bay I am central. ??
    After a few weeks searching for an answer I may have found it.....
    The Dimension Citroen front seats have been replaced by Romahomes own seat design these have been fitted about 3" to the offside and are no longer central to the steering wheel could this be the answer I am looking for.


    PS when reversing I use both mirrors to check where I am ???

    Hi Alf

    I normally drive our van and Pauline has made no comment but I noticed when she has driven that she seems really close to the kerb and parked cars, I just thought it was me being a bad passenger and not used to sitting in the passenger seat but your theory could be right.
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