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New R20 Launch

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    New R20 Launch

    It has been very interesting reading all the responses since I posted the thread on the new R20 and Jubilee.

    We can now give you a more exciting update.

    The New R20 (and that’s its name) will be revealed at the NEC on the Romahome stand 10-45 on October 11th.

    The vehicle is built on the latest Berlingo 1.6Hdi platform cab, also used for the R25, and is the same length as the existing R20.
    The new vehicle is slightly wider creating a tremendous sense of interior space.

    The lay-out owes much to the existing model with a step into the galley though the door is now much wider making access easier. There is a double pullman fitted with two forward facing seats as standard, one left and one right, and both can have a three point seatbelt fitted to give four driving seats.

    Two long and wider single beds, a king-size double option or a shorter double across the van.

    Two full length settees or an L-shaped sofa.

    New ‘loo’ location rather than under the sink.

    Upgraded cooker, grill, sink and a new fridge.

    Lots of clever touches internally.

    We’ve designed it so that there will be two versions, both identical from the the top of the windows down and then either a Hi roof fitted or a Lo roof fitted. We’ll be showing the Hi version only at the NEC but both will be available to order for 2012 delivery.

    Prices will be announced at the NEC and the reason we reduced the price of the R20 with our limited edition Jubilee range was to ensure a logical price progression from Jubilee to New R20 to R25.

    Neville and Andy from the Romahome Centre , Ant from Avon and Richard from Halifax will be joined by Brian Bailey and myself so well worth finding the time to visit us at the show especially as the first examples of the New R20 won’t reach dealer showrooms until the end of the year.

    We've decided to announce the New R20 on the forum before we've even spoken to the motor home press.
    I'm sure you'll appreciate we can't show any pictures or provide more details until after the launch at the NEC!


    Thanks Andrew, it sounds really exciting I think I am going to have to get some tickets and bring the video and camera so we can get some pics for the website. :so happy:
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      Originally posted by Graham View Post

      :so happy:
      Fantastic that we got the exclusive from Andrew, must make you really proud Graham :so happy:
      I make occasional visits to reality, but I'm not a full time resident


        Yippee! NOW I know what I am having when I retire

        Nice that we got an Exclusive, will look to see if I can get to brum for the day.

        Graham I echo minimouses sentiments,you must be chuffed.
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          hi at long last got fings out leting ose romahome oners no at long last just got a phone call on nevel at romahomes to let me no good news diggdeep (m):so happy:


            Ooh! Sounds great. Am looking forward to seeing it on the Wednesday trip to NEC.

            Problem - now it means I need to go back to work so that I can afford an upgrade!!
            Carpe diem! :)


              Sounds very good, wider longer beds, flexible lounge and upgraded kitchen and a good price too! Well done Romahome and congratulations Graham on the exclusive..... really looking forward to seeing it.
              All the best


                Oh joy.

                New R20, new Kindle and new iphone all within a week.

                I want them all.

                Can't wait for the photos.

                Thank you Andrew for releasing the info here first.


                  I can reveal an "exclusive" sighting of it during testing:-

                  By yamaha32 at 2011-09-26



                    OMG ! That is a cracker. hahahahahahaha


                      Thanks, Andrew, for the exclusive

                      A quick thank you to Andrew for the exclusive. It's nice to know that Romahome do take notice of us bumpkins. Really, really looking forward to seeing the NEW hylo in the flesh on the 11th-no mention of height or bike racks so far. This week we were considering buying folding bikes to replace our "fixed" bikes which we can't get in the Hylo. Now you've caused a problem, maybe we should keep our "fixed" bikes and get a NEW hylo? Oh, what a dilemma!

                      Graham and Carole, drooling.


                        Am I the only person who thinks that perhaps before we brought a brand new R20 this year that Romahome could have let its buyer know that they were going to introduce this Jubliee model quite a bit cheaper than the R20 I purchashed. Emails have gone back and forward from me to Romahome on the subject I have my tickets ready for the NEC.


                          Very interesting may take a trip to the NEC myself and have a look, it does sound very tempting, very very tempting, sounds like the romahome stand will be very busy.



                            Andrew two concerns

                            One. Does this mean there will be join on the fibre glass where you decide whether it will be a high or a low version? at the moment the body is one mould which is the beauty of your design.

                            Two. Is there a full spare wheel on board?


                              Spare Wheel.

                              Do you really need a spare these days, as we have never had a puncher in 200,000 or so miles we carry one of those get you home canesters, and use the space to make us more us comfortable, and have only used it on the moter bike some 16yrs ago. So is it such a waste of space to have a spare? we dont think so. you can get a puncher mended almost in a day any were in the world or a new tyre. so we are on holiday or have the time.
                              Originally posted by Tentpeg View Post
                              Andrew two concerns

                              One. Does this mean there will be join on the fibre glass where you decide whether it will be a high or a low version? at the moment the body is one mould which is the beauty of your design.

                              Two. Is there a full spare wheel on board?
                              Roger Green.Roger Green.


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