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Citroen C15 Bonnet

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    Citroen C15 Bonnet

    Hi Folks, I believe my Hylo's bonnet has reached the point where further repair is not really sensible. So,does anyone have one for sale or do you know where I might be able to get hold of one? They seem to be one of the the first things to go from the C15's in the breakers yard. Thanks, Chris.

    Yes, hope you don't mind me watching this one too Chris, mine may not make it to next summer! Any experience welcome, can you get 'pattern' ones at all??
    All the best


      Citroen C15 Bonnet

      Don't mind at all Andy, however if the problem is greater than I first thought........ the Q starts here!
      B/W Chris.


        Hadrian car panels used to make "pattern" bonnets (I bought one when we had our C15) but it is no longer in their catalogue. Give them a ring - they might have the odd one left. Alternatively have a holiday in France and visit the scrap yards there. C15s are as common as muck in France and rust does not seem to be so much of a problem.



          I bought mine three or four years ago from:

          Midland Lamps & Panels,
          Hurst Lane
          West Midlands
          DY4 9AB

          0121 520 1000

          It was OK and reasonably priced but did not have the little studs which marry up to the clips which attach the black trim at the front. At the time, I didn't even know there was even supposed to be any studs - and the Citroen main agent sold me replacement clips but couldn't give me any idea how they were supposed to fit.

          In the end I just drilled some holes and screwed the trim on with self-tappers and it has held OK. Remember though that it takes plenty of buffeting from the wind when you're travelling, so make sure it is secure.

          Since the way that this trim holds water and is therefore the major cause of corrosion, I would have left it off altogether but if you do, it leaves a very odd-looking gap.


            Paul, Peter,
            Thanks for your interest and help on this one. I am told by Andy that Midland Lamps and Panels no longer stock them and Hadrian MAY be getting some in the near future.
            The idea of obtaining used parts from France didn't occur to me until Andy mentioned it and now it does seem like a strong possibility that it may be the answer if I can't find a suitable item in the UK.

            Thanks again


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