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The Outdoors industry and recession!

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    The Outdoors industry and recession!

    Hi All,
    I heard that Discover Leisure a pretty major player in the caravan/motorhome have 'gone down' leaving a deserted (closed?) stand at the NEC. Would be interested to hear your views about how the wider industry is faring during this recession?
    Did you visit the NEC, was it busy? Hows your local dealer doing? On other forum/sites some of the dealers seem to be pretty buoyant, its also good to hear that Romahome have had a good show.
    A friend of mine who works in the walking/climbing trade sounds pretty pesemistic.... So what have you noticed about the industry?
    All the best

    I have an occassional part-time job for a major Somerset motorhome retailer - we drive their motorhomes to Shows during (mainly) the summer months - then back again after the show.

    At one of the major shows - like Shepton Mallet - that can mean up to 60 vans, spread over 3 days work.

    Apparently, they always budgeted to sell HALF the vans they took there, but, reading between the lines, I think this has now been downgraded to a THIRD, due to the current climate.

    We moved one the other month that was £93,000 - it was plush - but at the price of a house in some areas - no thanks!! In fact, the more of them I drive, the less I want one!!

    Even on a brand new £70,000 van, the cooker shelves rattle, where the makers can't be bothered to wrap them in bubble wrap before dispatch - ill-fitted door catches let bathroom or toilet doors to swing open in transit - loose cushions end up on the floor, because nobody saw fit to sew a patch of velcro on the back to keep them in place - the list goes on!!

    The only redeeming feature, in my eyes, is that the base vehicle (usually a Fiat chassis) are a pleasure to drive - even the 6 wheel (tag axle) versions - they often have a 3 litre engine and a 6 speed gearbox - and you can leave them in top gear all the journey on the Motorway.

    It does seem an awful lot of money to park on your drive for weeks on end - as most seem to do - not to mention depreciation if you decide to sell!!

    Happy with my Bongo? You bet!! :so happy:



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