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External thermal screens for R20 - not the latest one

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    External thermal screens for R20 - not the latest one

    There is quite a lot of information about these on this forum but on the various websites that sell them there is no mention of a berlingo. Has anyone bought any other options for other vans that happen to fit a berlingo. Ours is the previous model to the newly released R20 and I am not sure what is the correct shape to describe our van.
    I am wondering if I can adapt something that is designed for some of the more common vans ie Boxer or VW.
    Any ideas?
    I don't want internal screens as I like the idea of the external ones better.

    Contact this company and they CAN supply

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      Silverscreens and Taylormade both make external screens for the Berlingo rear 1997 to 2008 as well as the new one.

      This site is run by the son of the people who run the Silverscreens company

      The one you need is right at the bottom of the page.

      Also they sometimes have second hand ones that have been taken in part ex.

      We have a silverscreens one for our Berlingo (the same as the oone that you need) and we had one when we had our C15.

      We use it all the time, we have taken out the curtain between the cab and the camper and we make full use of the cab space as part of our living space but remember you cannot open the doors with the silver screen on.



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