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New R20 Update from the factory

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    New R20 Update from the factory

    Following the launch of the New R20 at the NEC and the comments from customers at the show and on the forum we can confirm the next stage of its development and hopefully answer many of your questions.
    The model on display at the NEC was the pre-production version finished shortly before the show. There are numerous changes and improvements being made which will affect all new units produced such as deeper storage pelmets above the windows and fitting the carpets with studs to make removal easy etc.
    Above all there will be three different internal layouts available:
    This was the version on display at the NEC and the L-shape is removable so it can be left at home depending on your planned useage. You’d have to be very athletic to get from the cab into the rear as there is a new ‘transit store’ behind the cab seats which we is used to make a transverse double bed. The big plus’s of this arrangement are that it’s great for socialising with more lounging space, has the transverse double bed facility and the ‘transit store’ is ideal for storing folding chairs etc. We located the portaloo in the pull-out draw of the ‘L’ but it can go elsewhere.
    In our R&D department already this will mirror the previous R20 with two long single beds and a double bed infill option. With this version the portaloo can be sited under the left hand front corner box behind the passenger seat so that it’s easily pulled out between the two single beds to use. The good news is that there will be no obstruction to prevent access from the cab to the rear as there is no ‘transit store’ blocking the way (this is only needed in the L-shaped lounge version to make the transverse double bed).
    Anyone wanting a tow ball/bike rack fitted will need to opt for this or be prepared to remove the bikes every time to get inside!
    The model on display was fitted with a Hi roof. All the photos clearly show the solid join line immediately above the windows enabling us to fit a Hi or Lo roof. The Lo version will be on display at Excel in London in February. This will be a pop-up roof very similar to the current R20 Lo and crucially low enough to drive under the 'European standard' 2m barrier so it can get into car parks and most garages.
    Both models will be identical from the top of the windows down-we simply fit a Hi or Lo ‘lid’- so the previous compromise of ‘smaller windows’ if you opted for the old R20 Lo will no longer apply.
    We know over half of our R20 buyers opt for the ‘under sink toilet’ option so are pleased to confirm that this will shortly be available in the New R20. We are making alterations to the gas locker so this can fit and the end design will be a modern take on the set-up in the current R20 and it will definitely be available in all three versions.
    On past history around 40% of customers prefer to retain the extra cupboard storage and site the loo under one of the seats or in a toilet tent. The slide-out draw under the cupboard is also removed when the toilet option is specified.
    Other questions raised in the forum include:
    GRILL –the intention is to site a proper size grill in the overhead locker above the hobcooker providing we can find one that fits!
    SEATBELTS-although two Pullman seats are standard at least one third of buyers don’t want seatbelts fitted (presumably as they don’t want to carry passengers)so by making them an option we can keep the basic price lower.
    SPARE WHEEL-locating it underneath the van frees up space inside and we felt this was a compromise worth making. You could of course be unlucky and have a puncture but most owners don’t.
    AUTOMATIC-still not available from Citroen on the chassis cab but there is encouraging news as the EGS auto has just been made available on the 675kg van. We are talking to Citroen to see if there is any way it can be an option with the 1000kg chassis cab we convert and we’ll let you know when we have any more news.
    WARDROBE-no longer there but, hopefully, there is far more storage space than before, especially as there is more useable space under the seats.
    PAYLOAD-to be confirmed but the new Berlingo chassis figures are 1000kg while the old Berlingo benchmark was just 750kg so you will be able to carry more weight.
    TRIM COLOURS-choice of cream or white GRP in the galley area and six trims, originally named after chocolates but switched to trees as it’s environmentally friendly!
    Beech, Olive, Silver Birch, Damson, Black Poplar (fitted to the show unit) and Hazelnut. The interior is much bigger than its predecessor and lighter trims help accentuate this.
    Overall we had a very successful show with 26 orders placed on the stand. These included one R10,4 New R20’s,11 Jubilees,5 R25’s,3 R30’s and 2 R40’s. 18 customers are Romahome first timers and all were given forum and Roma Club details. We will obviously be contacting New R20 purchasers to discuss some of the changes.
    Our original production plan was to build 25 Jubilees and we ordered these directly from Citroen to get the last ones manufactured. In view of the high demand for this model at the show and all the promises by potential customers to visit dealers for test drives afterwards we decided to search the Citroen dealer network to try and get some more. Thankfully we have sourced the final seven which means Avon, Richard Baldwin, Romahome Centre and Freeborn Motorhomes will all be able to meet the ongoing demand for Jubilee while we finalise R&D on the New R20.
    Sorry to post such a long message but I hope this answers more questions than it raises! Many thanks again for all your input.

    Thanks for the update Andrew, once again it proves that Romahome listen to their customers.

    Congratulations on all the orders you received at the show and thanks for giving new customers details of the forum.
    Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


      Terrific news ,all problems sorted,I STILL want one as soon as I retire/get the push! Lovely looking vehicle,Wonder if it is as fast as my 2 litre version Outlook?

      Million thanks for all the news Andrew,it is VERY appreciated.

      Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


        at last

        hi i am glad the loo is going back at the back as u can put a certon over to mack it privet in all paper work i have and on romehome sit new it saes rear travel seats with full tree point safety in pullman format (tom) diggdeep:so happy:


          Thanks for the update Andrew.

          Whilst we are not changing our Outlook Exclusive at the moment we can breathe a sigh of relief that when we are ready there will be an option with the toilet under the sink. Where will the spare wheel and waste water tank be on this model please

          Keep up the good work



            Thanks to Romahome

            Hi Andrew. Well done the folks at Romahome. That's what I call customer relations. A brilliant result from a company who respects its customers' wishes. I think there is now going to be a lot of folk who put the New R20 on their shopping list. And Romahome will have earned every order they get.

            Graham (and Carole)


              I'd like to second all these positive comments. Thanks for an amazingly informative report about the new model - fascinating reading. And yes, it is good to see how you have listened to all the comments made by existing and new customers. I don't think many manufaturers can boast such customer service!

              Congratulations to all at Romahome for such innovative work and for all the new orders that have been placed - you have certainly earned every single one! :so happy:

              I still think you should place eg a dozen brochures inside every Romahome sold - we all act as emissaries when out and about in our beautiful little campervans. Probably every single one of us will have given guided tours to our vehicles to at least half a dozen people.

              Oh, and, of course, details of the Roma club and of this forum!!
              Last edited by NomadSue; 20-10-2011, 14:04. Reason: adding details re the forum etc!!
              Carpe diem! :)


                Add to that details of this forum and the Roma club


                  New R20 Headroom

                  Thanks for all the details. One question: is there more headroom compared to the old hitop?

                  Graham too


                    in side hight

                    Originally posted by Graham2 View Post
                    Thanks for all the details. One question: is there more headroom compared to the old hitop?

                    hi from diggdeep no still same at front at back o.k only 4 ordered will have to be a sales man for them (tom)


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