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New R20 - Pelmet storage shelves - a suggestion

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    New R20 - Pelmet storage shelves - a suggestion

    Thank you Graham for all the extra detail under your earlier post. I was beginning to wonder if the new R20 was really for me - but now I am reassured.

    A suggestion if I may. As you increase the depth of the pelmet storage shelf, would you consider the provision of colour coded elasticated netting above the shelf. The netting could be clipped on if required. This would enable the carrying of larger, taller items when travelling to negate any risk of them falling over and on to the floor.

    These could be an optional extra although I guess lugs to attach them to would have to be built in.

    For the type of material that I mean see - as an example. I have them in my skoda roomster and am impressed with the quality and ability to retain items.

    Anybody else have a view?


    Neil Evans.
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    I am not sure what the pelmets above the windows on any other Romahome are like but on my demountable i took down the pelmets by drilling out the pop rivets.

    I removed the upper shell from the lower shell in the same way and refitted them back together, sandwiching a piece of thin ply between them (inside the upper and on top of the lower, so the ply cannot be seen) , but with the upper shell overhanging by about 3".

    This gives us enough room to put plastic Tupperware type pots with all our tea, coffee and sugar and such like, along with a million and one other things, in the pelmets.



      hi did have a word with them at nec they are macking pelmets deeper on the new ones as the one u see on photos put on to get it nec if you e.mail them down at romahome they my put neting on more u have on price goes up as well (tom) diggdeep:


        And, because the seats are lower, you no longer have the problem of having to crane your neck forward if sitting on the bench seats facing the window.
        Carpe diem! :)


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