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R25 payload

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    R25 payload

    I am confused by what is included before the payload is calculated for the R25and have asked Romahome for a breakdown some months ago but it has no appeared. ie is this allowing for full water tanks?

    Asked it again this Sunday..... but not had a reply yet but it is early days to be fair.

    Waiting for answers.........


    i'm sure Ant will know the answer to this!!!

    We wondered about the payload of our new to us van, I finally got the answer by phoning the original seller and importer (Hayes leisure) as even Pilote in France couldn't give me the answer.

    They told me I had 413kg, allowing 90% water, 90% desiel, gas, driver, tool kit etc. ie everything needed to drive away. This didn't take into account the addition of bike rack and awning that had been fitted.

    I then drove it down to a local weighbridge, with a full desiel tank, no water, no gas etc and without me, we had 400kg. :confused:
    I guess what I'm trying to say is, if possible get it weighed yourself (assuming you have bought rather than are looking to buy!!) to make absolutely sure you stay within your limits, from what I understand it can get very costly if you are pulled over and are found to be over!!:eek:

    We have now started weighing everything we put in the van and are then going to load it up completely and weigh it again, just to be sure!

    Our local weighbridge is only £5 to have overall weight and rear axle weight done, a bargain compared to the fine ( I've read its £200!!!)

    We never thought about payloads or axle weights with either of our previous vans, i'm just glad we didn't find out the hard way!!

    EDIT:- Just been looking through some of your previous posts and it seems like you haven't bought yet and I'm trying to teach you to suck eggs!!! SORRY!!!
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      You could try getting intouch with this company they will be able to tell you if you can uprate the chassis plate and therefore increase your payload. It seems it cost around £250 to do it and can be reversed if needed.
      Why not have a look at my latest wildlife photos, habitat projects and general natural world related shenanigans?


        Bless em Romahome have come back to me, with complete answers. They are usually very good at answering questions so was surpr.ised at the delay.

        Still in love with the R25!

        Glen, it was kind of you to give that detailed reply, I think you are right about weighing everything. The R25 payload is not very generous so it needs careful thought
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