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Romahome foibles and Citroen weaknesses ...

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    Romahome foibles and Citroen weaknesses ...

    These two phrases tripped me up just now ... interesting ... maybe.

    Could someone kind tell me what foibles and weaknesses I should be looking out for and checking over, please? I might have taken out AA get you home cover, but overall I'd rather not have to use it.

    My romahome is a 1994 van, well looked after. Thanks!!

    I had a 94 Hylo and loved it. I'm no mechanic, so will leave those issues to our learned friends here. The brakes are 'interesting', especially if you move from van to car. First drive in the van and I nearly run into things, first drive back in car, I nearly give everyone whip-lash!
    Our water pump had a neat trick of turning itself on when you weren't expecting it to (like when you are driving along!). In most you are able to isolate it, but couldn't on ours. We employed a clothes peg near the tap to stop it jiggling. I think the previous owners must have had the same problem, as all the carpeting etc in the rear footwell was mildewed.
    I also didn't know how to 'grease' the raising roof. We'd found one of those shoe polish sponges in the van, and eventually realised they are very handy for giving a quick silicon fix.
    Other than that, we loved it so much that I sold my car and that van to buy a newer one that I use every day.
    Happy camping,


      Foibles and weaknesses

      I have a 10 year old Saxo and a 20 year old Romahome. Is anything the same? Not on your life. The Saxo's an auto, power steering, Electric Windows pretty much quite sophisticated for what could be considered a budget car - petrol too.
      The romahome has no power steering - the over-steer of a chieftain tank, diesel, most of the switches are in different places - flash your lights to allow someone through - a screenwash! I think the indicators are on the same side - lights different. No clock, no engine temperature! windy windows, central locking - how far can you reach? I haven't quite worked out the subtleties of the heater yet! And the previous owner worked in a spaghetti factory as far as wiring was concerned - just found out why the leisure battery and charger may have voted with their feet! - seems some of the lights were on all the time!

      But before I get forcibly removed from the forum! Just love the pair of them! Both engines will go on forever I love the organisation of the Romahome. It just works. There is a lot of engine - but everything is get-at-able. The manuals on here take some deciphering but they are quite good.(Haynes are good too) And still valid for a 20 year old Romahome. Almost everything is available still new from dealers. and a good price. I hope there will be no monstrous bills. Every car I have owned has had some seriously wierd stuff when it was designed.
      My misgivings about buying such an old vehicle have largely been laid to rest now foibles or not. Oh by the way, one's black and the others white - no prizes for the correct answer!


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