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Demounted Romahome £450

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    Demounted Romahome £450

    This badly listed (hence no bids) demounted Romahome with all fittings might make someone a happy (Roma) home!

    Be quick as it's ending in 10 hours...

    demountable camper body with all attachements in very good original condition

    this came off a honda acty pick up but may fit the piaggio ape pick up and the bedford rascal or even the diahatisu pick ups but check first,

    interior is in good conditon and all original some of the covers may need washing as its not been used for a while

    the fibreglass body is in very good conditon and even has the original stickers

    tel 07966465048 for more details

    veiwing is recomended to see conditon of this camper body as its all original .

    uk bids only

    Cor, well spotted! That looks in lovely nick. However, photos can be misleading so you'd still need to go and have a look, esp. at the electrics underneath.

    For anyone wanting a cheap start up roma, I reckon they'd do well with this one! Only need to buy the pick up and connect and off you go!


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