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bike rack for C15 romahome

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    bike rack for C15 romahome

    Hi I have just bought a C15 romahome ( hitop). does anyone have any advice/ knowledge on the best way to transport bicycles?

    many thanks

    Phil Tregear

    Hi, Phil, and welcome to the forum. This is a very friendly place and soon enough there will be someone along who can advise you on carrying bikes.

    Hope you enjoy your time here.



      Phil, Always a problem with rear door campers, but one option, although not perfect is to fit a towbar and use a towbar mounted cycle-rack like this.

      They have a drop-hinge allowing the whole unit bikes and all to drop to road level giving you limited access to the rear door.

      You will have to take it off when on site though - one large clamp bolt.

      I have one of these here, not Thule and I can't remember the brand, too much snow to trudge up to the shed today, I'll look in the week.

      You'll have to do some research first. I fitted this to our Jeep so the rear door could be opened with the rack on, and also on our Knaus coach built so it would swing down and give access to a rear locker.
      It may be too much hassle on a Romahome.

      Other options:

      Folding bikes inside.

      A small Erde trailer with a bike rack on top - and room for your other camping stuff.
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      Aircooled VW Camper nut!


        2 bike rack for sale

        If you go the route of having a towball fitted so that you can use a bike rack clipped to that I do have a Dutch made 2 bike rack for sale. It is the type that folds down and also padlocks onto the towball. As new, fitted for number plate. Going very cheaply, if you're interested give me a shout. No hurry, in Spain for another 3 weeks. Graham and Carole


          I made a side loading bike rack for my Romahome. It was made to cary one bike and also the handlebars had to be loosened and turned 90 degrees so that they did not stick out. I then bought a folding bike and sold it in the local paper for £45. I also made sea kayak carriers for the romahome and other gadgets but my favourite was always the bike rack.
          I can't make another though as I have had a few problems with my health.


            Am I bad? I put them in the back. My husband secured them, so they wouldn't maim us if we had and accident (can't remember how, sorry). Probably only useful for a short trip, and too much of a menace if you're away for longer. My aim is to have folding bikes. Maybe I'll get them when I get my inflatable kayak.................


              Beware "shoppers" folding bikes - they don't fold very small and are quite heavy, mine is a pain to lift in and out of the van. I used to carry it in a builder's rubble sack in the campervan but now I put it on the car - have a towball mounted carrier like this:

              But of course that's no use when the caravan is on the back so the bike has to go in there.

              Would love one of the expensive modern lightweight fold up bikes instead - maybe one day ...............


                I'm with Aileen on this one.
                We bought padded bike bags that you pack the wheels in the sides & frames in the middle, They can be laid on the rear seats one on top the other. No good what-so-ever for touring but great for weekend cycling events.
                Would love a towbar but our Duo is heavy enough at the back without adding anything else ..
                Hope you find a solution to suit you.


                  We put our (non folding) bikes in the gangway of our R20.We have a large cover that goes over the floor and seats, Hubby removes the pedals and turns the handlebars, one bike goes in frontways, the other reversed, bungee jumped together, then one of the bars that makes up the bed is laid at the rear end to stop the bikes moving back. Behind the front seats where the wheels are resting we have cushions, so there is hardly any movement from the bikes. It works well.(you can still make a cuppa if you have to stop, without moving any bikes) We would like to have had a towbar fitted but we have heard it isn't recomended for bike carrying. We just had a go to see if we could fit our bikes and it worked, so give it a try. As for weight, we did get on some scales and weighed them, and with what we take on our trips we were still within our allowance.
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                    We have 2 folding bikes with 16" wheels and we store them in their bags on the Luton.

                    They are OK for when we are on holiday. When at home we put our ordinary bikes in the back of the Berlingo car or on a towbar mounted bike rack. When we pulled a caravan with the boys we used to put 4 bikes on the roof but I needed the caravan step to reach. I am glad that those days have gone.



                      Cycles-on the other hand.....

                      On the other hand, if you go the route of folding bikes, Carole and I did that with our Berlingo R20 Hylo Pullman. Purely a personal opinion but we researched the available bikes and came to the conclusion the best were Brompton. They are built to last, fold up the smallest and are easily transported. Also, the pedals and oily bits are inside when folded. In their bags they can be wheeled on their small transporting wheels into the aisle of the R20 when travellimg and when stopped one can be put on the driver´s seat and one stood in the passenger footwell. Yes, they are ridiculously expensive (try the lightweight titanium model if you can afford the mortgage) but if you look on e-bay you can get them much cheaper. We got 2 that were 10 years old, unmarked for a very fair price. They ride and handle like a normal bike. You pays your money and takes your choice!


                        Bike in Romahome

                        Hello Phil, I made a flat wooden frame (originally to work on the bike on the workbench) that fits over and straps onto the handlebar ends and saddle, with appropiate padding. This is easily upended and slid through the Romahame back door (demountable) and held in place with cords to the van sides. It's a bit of a nuisance when stopping en route for a cuppa. I have 2 bikes and have carried both - one like this on a seat as well.
                        I'm in Norwich if you want to come and have a look.
                        Alan (Rolly)


                          Bike racks bother me. Unless they can be accomodated other than on the rear (or front) of a vehicle.
                          Years ago a biking friend was severely injured when he hit the back of a farm tractor with a suspended agricultural device on the back. Regardless of who was to blame. It was an accident with severe, but luckily non-fatal consequences. I dont think he would have been any less injured by bikes on a rack - and perhaps even worse.
                          Recently, I observed a VW Micro-bus type camper with two bikes across the FRONT where the spare wheel often sits. Imagine the effects of those bikes on an innocent pedestrian in a collision!
                          I was once pulled up because I had removed the rear bumper on a Rover to do a repair, but left a bumper iron protruding 4 inches rearward because the bolts refused to come undone. I felt lucky to get just a caution. But which would cause the most serious injury a bike rack or my bumper iron?
                          Whatever, I think those racks should be banned on safety issues.
                          At least, most small motorhomes seem to have central rear doors. Making them largely impracticable for rear racks.

                          Jim, having a moan again!
                          By the way my pedal bike rides inside.
                          Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


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