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    The R20 is our sole vehicle these days so a couple of weeks ago I used it to take a friend with me to a localish 2nd book shop. We both bought a couple of books and I put mine in the back, in the footwell just inside the door. I returned my friend home and popped in the local shopping centre.

    I didn't bother checking the rear door was locked as I knew I'd done that after sticking the books in so I just went off to the shops without looking at the back of the van. On returning I had completed a circle and was now approaching the van from the rear and to my horror the rear door was wide open!

    The books were still in the footwell, my boots half way across the aisle, a keyring still sat on a seat cushion where I'd throw it the day before, so no obvious signs of entry. The door hadn't been forced and doesn't look to have been tampered with.

    Either I had not only failed to lock it but also to close it properly and some bump or something (don't remember anything) jolted it open as I entered the car park, or someone opened it, either with a key if I had locked it or just by trying the handle if I hadn't.

    I was very, very lucky. There was nothing of value in the van (apart from a partly concealed SatNav in the cab) but even so...

    Note to self - check the back door is locked every time you leave the van even when you are 99.99% sure it is.
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    Oops. You were lucky...but guess what? I met we will all admit to something similar, if really pushed!
    Carpe diem! :)


      My ex used to ridicule me for checking the doors, but it was her car that got broken into,not one of my vans,the one that got stolen?they used a pickup truck to nick it.Cant fight that,the insurance paid up no arguments.

      You check pal,it will do you good.
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        Our back door used to come open on our 08 HYLO even when locked sometimes after much adjusting of the catch it seems to be ok now if a little tight to open, I push on the door whilst operating the handle when opening to make it easier on the catch I think Ant this advised in a post about R20 doors.Its quite alarming when you realise your door is open when driving along.
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