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Help - how much to ask for a C15 Hylo?

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    Help - how much to ask for a C15 Hylo?

    Hello everyone. I was a member a long time ago but can't find my old username (thought it was Dolly but someone else has that) so I have reregistered.

    Sadly the time has come to sell the Hylo we have enjoyed for 4 years - but how to price it?

    I have looked on ebay etc but I thought I'd come here to the experts.

    It's been driven daily, new MOT, taxed until April. 1997, about 86,000 miles.

    So what do you guys think please?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Just peeped at the archived bits - I was dolly, joined Jun 08.


      Originally posted by sussexjen View Post
      Just peeped at the archived bits - I was dolly, joined Jun 08.
      Hi Jen/dolly

      You would have been a member of the old forum, you can't use the same log in details for this forum so you would have had to join again anyway.

      Welcome back, I am sure some knowledgeable person will be along to help you soon. You could also ask Ant either in a personal message or in the "Ask Ant" section, he is a Romahome dealer who is very willing to help anyone.
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        Hi Graham, and thanks.

        I remember Ant kindly helped before.

        Dolly is what we called the Romahome because of the reg no.

        It was a bit sad to empty out all the bits and pieces the other day but we had some great trips.

        I will keep checking in; thanks again.


          I've just done a heap of research into C15's of this era as I was asked to look for one for a friend.
          Most '97 Hi-Lo's fell into the £5k - £9k category depending on condition, and keenness of the seller to sell.
          Impossible to judge yours without at least pictures, but if its pretty perfect and at that mileage, most seem to hover around the £7k mark if priced to sell, £8k if you're not in a great hurry.
          Aircooled VW Camper nut!


            :so happy:

            Thanks, RR - that's more than I thought. Not that I would call it perfect by any means - we have put 30-40 thousand miles on it so it's not as pristine as when we got it from the dealer.

            I will put some pix up soon but have to give it a good clean inside and out first.

            I will find the name of the heating unit etc too.

            Cheers - I hope your friends were happy with your work!


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