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C15 Hylo - Original or re-shelled?

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    C15 Hylo - Original or re-shelled?

    Hello everyone,
    A quick intro. I'm a new member who at the moment has a ratty Mercedes 208D home conversion. Apart from tinworm attacks and fuel consumption, the van is brilliant - me and the missus have driven it to Greece and back five times - meandering all over as we did so. It's never let us down and it will be a very sad parting.
    We've decided that fuel consumption is paramount, together with an older design that I can work on myself. A C15 Hylo seems to fit the bill and we are looking to buy a late, low mileage, that has been looked after.
    Some time back, a man who was trying to sell his on eBay, put out a warning on his listing about people re-shelling Romahomes using lower mileage Champ vans. One of his 'how to tell' criteria was that if it did not state 765 C15 in the logbook, then it had been re-shelled. is this the case?
    I'm looking at a promising vehicle, but the logbook states; C15. Also, in people's opinion, is the C15 up to long trips i.e doing 300 to 500 miles a day for say, 2000 miles? best wishes to all.

    Up to 1990/91 Romahome built on C15 vans both 600kg and 800kg

    From 1991 to 2000/2001 most built on C15 chassis cabs at 765kgs with odd ones on 800kg vans none on 600kg vans.

    No Romahomes built on C15s after 2000/2001.

    Any on registrations showing after 1991 that show the original vans lower sides are definitely not original.

    Every camper shell should have a Romahome id and if you can find it if you contact Romahome they should be able to tell you when it was built. This should match the year of registration of the vehicle.

    An easy way to tell the difference is that the rear lights on a chassis cab are fitted into the rear panel, those built on vans have "wrap around rear lights.

    The C15 was called the champ from 2001. Power steering only became available after about 1995.

    Hope this helps, the dates though are only approximate.



      Hi There,
      I have a 95 Hylo, and as a keen 'watcher' of the used market I don't recall seeing a rebodied C15 Hylo. I suspect the Hitop is easier to detach and expect there were more of them made in the first place.
      Goodluck with your search, I hope you find a good'un
      All the best


        Hi, Ribs and welcome

        Can't give you any advice I'm afraid, but as you can see there are a lot of folk here who will be able to help.

        Hope you get your ideal; I love my Talbot Express - J reg with 53000 on the clock. Spent a month in Brittany last year with 3 friends and our dogs and the van behaved beautifully.

        Hope to meet up with you during the year at one of the meets.



          I forgot to say that there may be nothing wrong with a re-shell as long as it is done correctly, is described correctly, has proof such as an engineers report, the price reflects what it is and your insurance company is aware and is prepared to accept it.
          The problem is when someone tries to pass it off as genuine (especially a dealer and there have been a number on ebay over the last couple of years). Remember if it is a C15 Romahome newer than 2001 it is not genuine.



            Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I understand about the relevant dates and can spot the earlier body on a later chassis. But still a bit confused over what it should say in the logbook if genuine, ie. should it actually state C15 765, or as in the one I'm looking at, just C15. It doesn't have the wrap around lights. It's registered as 1998 - has the later coloured upholstery and the front seats covered in the same material. It sits level on the suspension and appears genuine.

            The areas of concern for me are; that it doesn't say 765 in the reg doc. It's had 6 previous owners and although there is some service paperwork (including a ring-bound Romahome manual,) the old MoT's only go back to 2007.

            We've looked at quite a few and this seems to be the best so far in terms of price and condition. It's an awful lot of money for a 14 year old vehicle though, so I do need to get this right.


              Description sounds genuine, service history on vehicles over 10 years old can be a bit suspect anyway, you could have an inspection, don't worry about it not saying 765Kg it may be registered as a motorcaravan.

              If I was buying a vehicle of this age I would ignore any previous records and have the major service done with cam belt change etc and start from there. The XUD engine is virtually bullet proof as long as the water levels are OK - they don't like overheating.

              Go with your feelings.

              Good luck



                Personally I would go for a early Duo on a berlingo chassis. I think the later C15 Romahomes are overpriced. Even late 90's C15's are prone to rust.
                If you want a C15 go for the cheapest one you can find. In the best condition that will leave you money in your pocket for body repairs. Mechanically they are very reliable and you'd have no problems doing 100's mls a day if you had to.
                Don't forget they where thrashed about as c15 vans delivering parts etc and you regulary see one's on e-bay with 300,000 mls on the clock and still going.


                  Again, thanks for your input. Totally agree with starting from scratch in terms of servicing - would change cambelt so that I know it's been done. If (when,) I get one, will be looking for advice re cambelt change - any special tools required?

                  I've worked as both a motorcycle mechanic and a goods vehicle mechanic, so have some aptitude, but it was all a long time ago (I last worked on TK Bedfords!) and I am well out of touch with modern vehicles.

                  This is why I prefer a C15 - aren't the Belingos high tech? By this I mean does it have to be plugged into a dealer's computer when it goes wrong? This is what I'm trying to avoid. I've managed to get our old Merc, through the last 7 MoT's myself (it's the last of the home repairable ones before the Sprinter) and need to be able to do this with our next vehicle.

                  Very friendly forum - glad I joined.


                    I changed about20 c15s when working for a commercial garage and maintaininga fruit and veg wholesalers fleet.

                    You need
                    1 axle stand
                    4 8mm bolts and one needs to be attached with a bent piece of wire to lock the crank.

                    sorry I have to lie down, back later


                      Foolproof cambelt instructions in the Haynes manual, 1.9 Berlingos are not hi-tech and are easy to maintain and are as bullet proof as C15s engine wise and are as easy to maintain at home. Our Romahome is a 2007 but still 1.9 and we have a 2000 Berlingo car with a similar engine.



                        Hmmm, food for thought. We would prefer the refinement of a Berlingo, but thought that they would be too high tech. Do they have things like ABS, circuit boards rather than wire looms, electric mirrors - or is that just the later ones?
                        Is the Berlingo 1.9 the same engine as the C15? How does the fuel ecomony of the two compare? When did they start making the Berlingo lifting top?

                        Top priced (especially dealers,) C15's aren't a huge amount below bottom priced Berlingos - maybe we should wait a bit, make do with 'Old Faithful' a bit longer and do some serious scraping - wife back on the streets, sell some of our 4 motorbikes (hers,) etc - and look for an older Berlingo. We do both like the
                        quirkyness of the C15 though. Whatever we get has to be our only (4 wheeled) vehicle, hence the preference for a lifting top. We shall see.



                          i looked around for months before settleing on my c15, looked at hylo's, high tops,etc etc then stumbled on the Nu-venture that i eventually purchased, i agree with other members buy wisely and leave some money in your pocket, thats what i did, and i am glad i did(look at my album) had to put a new rear floor in, but loved doing it, did a bit of tidying up as I went along , got a new cam belt to fit, service etc, and really looking forward to the new season, and i agree again with this forum being a freindly lot.

                          just noticed that I am not a junior member anymore


                            Before 2000 Berlingo 1.9s had the XUD engine which is the same as the C15 but a bigger capacity. 2000 onwards 1.9s are DW8 engine which is a modified XUD to get the emissions right. Some electronics but neither of ours have ABS or electric mirrors. Our Romahome has more electronics than our car but it is 7 years newer. I look after the maintenance on both of them, it is one of the reasons that we chose this Romahome and it does about 40mpg and will cruise on the motorway at 65+ all day but it does lose a bit on the hills. the car is slightly better and I would think that the XUD Berlingos will do about 45.

                            Without a doubt tightening up on the emissions with the DW8 over the XUD means they are less economical, I find that very strange.



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