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Importing Japanese microvans

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    Importing Japanese microvans


    Sorry I've been a stranger.

    I went in an Acty Romahome the other day and was impressed. Perhaps a little bit narrower than my beloved Romahome, but still very comfortable. I love the idea of being able to use it as a pickup.

    From looking, I think I could import a new Acty van for £10,000. Added to a clean Romahome pod, it's a very inexpensive way to find a new campervan.

    So my question is this. Has anyone ever imported a new Acty from Japan? Was it straightforward? Does it fit?

    Imported Honda Actys

    I have one of these amazing little machines and it is the most comfortable vehicle I've ever driven. Mine has power steering and, when you want it, air-con and 4-wheel drive! All this from a 660cc engine which will cruise happily at 60-65 and go up to 80 with a following wind. It does slow down on the hills though, but that Romahome is a heavy load for it. There's more room in the cab than my old Daihatsu too.
    I bought mine from someone who had already imported it and swapped Romahome bodies. It needs 3/4" of chip/ply-wood under it to clear the cab roof, and, of course, some spacers under the body clamps.
    As it is now 9 years old and won't last forever, I may be thinking of importing one myself some day, so can't actually help you there at the moment, but I can recommend them. Get a spare windscreen as soon as poss as Honda will not fly them over and the boat takes 3 months. It's £300 sitting in the garage doing nothing except enabling you to keep going after a shatter, but I think it's worth it. Other spares seem available after a few days from Belgium via my local Honda dealer Ling of Harleston (Norfolk).
    I do have a friend who works for DVLA so might see if he can help with the importing bit. It ought not to be difficult; probably the tricky bit is actually buying one on the internet.
    Mine was originally imported by Tony Swann of Bristol but I would not touch him with the proverbial barge-pole if I were you. I had to take him to the Small Claims Court to try and get recompense for shoddy work or work not done at all.
    Do let me know how you get on. I know of no-one else with one. I'm in Norwich.
    Alan (Rolly)


      There are specialist import companies, I saw the websites for a few as I was researching my Bongo. One that comes to mind is but I've never dealt with them so can't recommend or warn about them.

      I know there are other companies, but if you get too many hits by googling for Japanese imports, maybe try searching for Mazda Bongo importers? I bet none of them will turn down money


        japanese vehicles are all fantastic


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