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Romahome for sale in South of Spain

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    Romahome for sale in South of Spain

    I posted more in the For Sale section, but in case some of you don't read that part, I will say more here in case this is of interest.

    My 1991 C15 had engine problems several weeks ago, requiring a major engine repair - head gasket. The repair only lasted 250 miles. Now my money is spent and I need a new engine.

    So, with great sadness, I am trying to sell a non running Romahome, all working exactly the way I wanted it from the motor back. I don't expect to get much, but if someone is looking for everything necessary (including a solar panel and super battery), to fix up another van, or even to take the shell and put it on another vehicle, it is all here. Problem is that here is the south of Spain.

    Apologies for posting in 2 places, but I am heading back to Canada in a couple of weeks, so time is of the essence.

    Photos etc at

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