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How many seats in a Dimension?

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    How many seats in a Dimension?

    Our Dimension has four seats with seatbelts etc.

    Romahome advertise the Dimension as having four travel seats.

    Our V5C Registration Document states (Section 4 - vehicle details, item S.1) Number of seats, including driver - 3 :eek:

    What's going on? :confused:

    If we are stopped by the authorities, either routine or following an "incident", and all four seats are occupied, will the driver be banged up for travelling overloaded? :(

    Before we send the V5C back to DVLA for amendment, has any other Dimension owner checked their document?


    Hi Barry

    Our Dimension log book says exactly the same, I would imagine that it refers to the original Relay van, I wouldn't think it would be anything to worry about.

    Maybe Ant will be able to advise on this one.
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      I think the V5C info is to do with taxation class, more than 8 seats makes you a bus. A car document does not have the number of seats.

      More important to be registered as a motorhome or you may be in trouble with speed limits on dual carriageways.
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        Motorcaravans dont ,as yet , have to legally have rear seat belts and as a result they don't specify the number of seat belts including the driver on the V5c. What you all have is a legacy of the original van which came with a single drivers seat and a double passenger seat totaling 3 seat belts. When I register new Dimensions/R30's I always change that part of the document to read 4 seats inc driver, sometimes it gets changed by swansea and sometimes it reverts back to 3 ? ? I think the whole vehicle registration system is a mess and you don't know what the vehicle is going to be registered as until you get the docs back, - it does my head in!


          Thanks for that Ant, confirms what I suspected.

          As I sooooooooooo enjoy rattling the cages of our overpaid "public servants" I will now post off the V5C back to DVLA and ask them to correct it.

          Although we normally travel two handed only, we do intend to spend a couple of weeks in France with other family members this summer. Knowing my luck, it will be us who are stopped for a routine vehicle check and I can just imagine trying to explain to Monsewer Gendarme, in broken franglais, that the official UK Registration Document is wrong and that it is perfectly OK to carry four people in this officially classified three seat vehicle

          I don't fancy my chances :(

          Anyone willing to lay odds on a first time result from DVLA?



            I am amazed

            DVLA sent a revised V5C registration document within 2 weeks,


            it now shows the correct number of seats


            it appears that no other new inaccuracies have been introduced

            See ............ it can be done ;)


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