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Carpets in R20 Duo

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    Carpets in R20 Duo

    Does anyone have any ideas about how to protect the carpet in my Duo? Campsites can be messy places sometimes and I put down three nice pieces of blue mats over the top of the permenant one hoping to reduce wear and tear. The problem is that they "creep" and keep needing to be repositioned . I`ve tried putting thin non slip grippy matting between the mats and the carpet but that moves as well! I`ve also used a spray on the clean underside of the mats which dries to a grippy texture which solved the problem until the surface became dusty and stopped it from gripping.
    Perhaps I`ll just have live with it!?

    I don't know if this will help, but I have a hall runner carpet running the length of mine, with a small mat to wipe feet on just inside the door. Don't know if it's just the length, but it seems to stay where it's put.

    I also take along my old rubber car mats, very handy for outside the door when it's muddy, and also handy for putting at the front of the wheels when you need to get off a very slippery muddy site.

    these don't seem to slide as they have a rubber edge to them, my sis has them in her caravan.


      A long continuous "runner" type carpet will move less than lots of individual matts as the weight and size holds it in place better. an off cut from a carpet shop would do the trick
      Better a rainy day on the hill than a sunny day in the office!


        I took the carpeting out of mine and it's now rolled up and bagged in the loft to ensure it remains pristine for future resale of the van.

        I use the washable rubber-backed mats which can be removed for cleaning and find these much more practical than carpeting. In the current wet summer and abundance of mud, I also have old newspapers in the rear footwell to ensure no mud gets trodden into the van and keeps the doormats clean!


          R20 carpets

          I did the same as Karen and removed the origional poppered mats. I then bought some beige, end of roll pieces of carpet to fit the gangway and kitchen floor. They were very cheap. At the camping show at Shepton I found a stall selling Kilm mats. These are cotton and wash really well. These go on top.

          In the well by the back door I have a cotton Turtle mat to keep the living area dry and mud free!



            We use a kilim rug, the more bashed up it becomes the better it looks-shabby chic you know!
            derek b and Babs


              We keep a pair of gardening clogs each just inside the rear door, to be changed into whenever we return to the van. The clogs are used pottering around the site, but only come inside the van as far as the Coleman tent mat in the rear footwell. At least that's the theory!

              Haven't done anything about the carpets, but the couple we spoke to at Cropredy had removed them from their R20 specially for that event, and that has set us thinking.

              Geoff and Sue


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