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Outlook Duo - Leak

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    Outlook Duo - Leak

    I have a 2008 Outlook Duo, my second that I have owned. I have recently noticed a small water leak with water ending up in the rear kitchen floor well. So much so, that I have removed the carpet in that area for the meantime as the carpet was getting wet. I think that prior to water getting into the rear kitchen footwell, it is getting into the locker under the left hand bed, i.e. the locker just in front of the sink. This locker can show a bit dampness after rain. The van is normally parked on a slight upward slope, and I think that is why the water drains back to the kitchen footwell.

    Any thoughts on tracing the leak, or suggestions, would be welcome. I am fairly sure that the water it is not coming up from the road. I have had my local garage have a look under and they can find nothing.

    I've had exactly the same problem from the sound of it, with +2" pooling in the rear. I suspected the door seal but alas not. However, on removing the seal I found this solved the problem then, on looking more closely, I realised water was getting in via the lock fitting but only when the rain hit at a certain angle.

    Removing the door seal was a draughty but effective solution but I have now also replaced the door seal (ordered from and, so far, it seems to be staying dry.

    I note that your carpet was wet. I'd also suggest you remove the lino to see if the floor is also affected.

    In mine, the floor is rotten, the layers of ply are peeling and it's clearly been a longer-term problem. Ideally the floor needs replacing but it's impractical because it slots beneath the fitted units and will be near impossible to cut out even in pieces. When it's dried out it I'll be epoxying it to make the floor into a waterproof tray with raised sides.


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