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Vents...another question..

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    Vents...another question..

    I am sure that we were told, when using your fridge on gas, you must remove the outside vent cover. Ok, I took that in. But,

    1. Do you need to remove the vent cover if you are only using the GAS COOKER.

    Because the subject of me being a bit cold around the ankles and vents came up previously, hubby also asked me to mention about the above, well, if all the vents are going to be open I may as well sleep outside ,

    I need to have another look at the venting on the inside I only glanced the other day, just to see if we can make some improvement to lessen the draughts on occassions.

    Outside cover is only for the fridge, nothing to do with the .

    We have stopped our draughts as described in the other post. You need ventilation when using the cooker but the fridge can be sealed round the front edge (we had a gale under the fridge door). When on gas the fridge gets its air from the vent in the bumper and the exhaust exits through the top vent. My wife used to complain when using the toilet in winter that her feet were cold and that I had to do something about it.

    I hope this helps with the explanation



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