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a shot in the dark

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    a shot in the dark

    has anyone on the forum shipped a romahome to the usa and return. not a plan as yet but giving it some consideration..

    no dont do it two jays they would take it off you and put it on Bar or coffee table as a "little old english ornament"...and say i guess our English cousins have some funny toys!!


      I know people who have shipped ordinary cars both to and from the states but not a romahome specifically. Its a pretty costly business but not that difficult. Depends where you are going though, the rules vary from state to state.

      Are you thinking about a permanent move?
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        like Huff,I know people who have shipped cars across the pond,it is a pricey game,you could hire a big American motor-home for that money,and the steering is on the proper side,lots of room,and plenty of gadgets to amuse you!

        I don't think its economic to do what you intend!
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          thanks for the advise,it was just an idea.we went to usa a couple of years ago and hired a small (25 foot) van and spent 3 weeks driving around.the camping and caravanning club arranged it,flight, first night in hotel and van for 3 weeks all for £2500. just thought it would be good to spend longer and go further and my duo would be ideal.with the wealth of knoweledge and experience on this forum it was as i say a shot in the dark..looks like its back to greece...thanks again....regards two jays..


            Found some info here.


            A few other sites came up when I googled.

            I only know of someone shipping (a car) one way to new zealand.

            Your current insurance may not like it either.



              a brighter shot in the dark

              thanks for the replies i contacted the shipping agent and they reckon about £2600 return which is about what i thought,thats shipping southampton to new york. it looks like vehicle insurance could be a minefield,will continue to look into it before making any definite plans..thanks again.


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