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ups and downs

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    ups and downs

    Hi All. Just returned from a weekend of very mixed fortunes. We spent a very pleasant (if rather expensive) night at the Church Farm site near Aldeburgh. 1 minute from the beach and a 10 minute stroll into town. So far so good.
    On leaving the site on our way to the mighty Orwell Bluegrass festival, an awful rattling could be heard, prompting my partner, Mo, to blame it on the amount of cans of cider I had brought with us.It turned out that the exhaust was the guilty party and we limped into the festival site making a racket that could be heard above a 100 banjos.
    Could it get worse? Yes.
    Poor Mo, in pain from a trapped nerve, got angry with a side window she had opened earlier, and applying a little too much force, managed to crack it whilst closing it.
    To cut a long story short, the AA patched up the exhaust and we managed to get home to Brighton where Kwikfit sorted it out.
    Romahome spares said they did not have a window, but suggested Leisure Spares in Harrogate. They did not have one, but could order it from Germany. Delivery time 6-8 weeks! As we can still close the window, time is not a problem so will wait for it to be delivered

    Regards, Colin and Mo.

    Hi Colin

    It certainly sounds as if you had a weekend of mixed fortunes.

    I hope Mo feels better soon and your van is up and running back to its former glory, it could have been worse it could have been the cans of cider falling out the back door.
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      Glad you got it sorted and I hope Mo recovers soon. Had a similar experience with my car last weekend, exhaust back box blowing. But the AA said they wouldn't come out and patch it, and that I should go to a garage.... So on Monday, I went into Kidderminster and had a new back box fitted (around £66) and it took less than half an hour. Then we drove around the corner and had a lovely meal in a pub! So done and dusted, one more thing off the list.


        Yeah, but what was the festival like ?
        Not much of a festival goer myself, more of selected gig man, Bristol is good for music.
        I had the best (joint favorite with Llandudno) fish and chips, at Aldeburgh. I've said it before, there should be a league table for good fish and chips on this web site !!


          Originally posted by Alan View Post
          I had the best (joint favorite with Llandudno) fish and chips, at Aldeburgh. I've said it before, there should be a league table for good fish and chips on this web site !!
          I agree, and my Dad would love you for it. It's what he enjoys best about going away and would have them everyday if it wasn't for my Mother!

          Nuther good one is the harbourside Chippy in Whitby, and the one on the front (main road) in Ullapool, now that one will spoil you forever!



            Hi. Mo is on the mend thank you for your concern. The best fish and chip shop I know of is called Bardsleys, Baker Street Brighton. Always busy but worth the wait.

            Regards, Colin


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