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Help from you brilliant DIY' my Duo Plus

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    Help from you brilliant DIY' my Duo Plus

    Hi, I have just aquired a Duo Plus, and as it was the first one, it is short on somethings that the later ones have..

    I need to be able to store when traveling items on top of the fellar is NOT a diy more a bull in a china shop

    I need to place a barrier across the front high enough to stop anything falling off the top and how so you secure???without velco and screws....

    Did think of suction pads but then I dont know where to buy strong enough pads....

    also any tips from Duo owners where you store items....I am perfectly ok with my C15 but this one has me scratching my head a little....

    Many thanks

    Her name is Issy not Our Freda

    When I got my Bongo it had a microwave in it which was very cleverly fitted without using screws or anything in the work surface. I reckon the same idea would probably work.
    There was a narrow gap between the back of the work-surface and the van window, and two boards were flat on the work surface, with a strip screwed and glued to them, fitting down into the gap. There were holes in the boards for the microwave feet, and it never shifted until I looked into how to remove the oven. A lip or barrier would work for you instead of the holes, and maybe a single board rather than the two I had.

    This is it:

    If you glue some of that non-slip dashboard matting to it, it would help protect from rubbing, and add a bit more security too.


      On top of the cooker in my C15 I have a tray which stands on some non-slip matting and my mini electric oven lives on the tray on top of a silicone mat. It hasn't slid off yet in about 900 miles of uphills downhills roundabouts and corners.


        bungee straps and collapsible basket?

        Or just put the basket on the seat or the floor instead of on top of the cooker??


          Thanks for all ideas....x


            I found these on Ebay, not sure if they could be adapted, but something like this might do the trick?


            You can also get extendable shower rails from B&Q, which might be another possibility.


              Good find Jayjay, they look very handy.


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