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Which Romahome is best hylo or hitop?

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    Which Romahome is best hylo or hitop?

    I'm single, retired, and I want to buy a Romahome for weekends and short trips, mostly solo. Wild camping and sites and also camps and small festivals. I plan to pay around £5000 for an older one (probably ebay) and use it instead of my car (which I don't need often).

    What's the difference between Hylo and Hitop ? Which is best? I have tried unsuccessfully to find descriptions/spec online and thought I'd ask your advice.

    I know the roof lifts at the kitchen end on the Hylo. What about the Hi top? Is it like the Hylo but as if the roof was up all the time?

    Can anyone give me a description of them both. Are there any others?

    Any more tips?
    Optimistic and looking forward to the Summer,

    The problem is that we all want the space and facilities of a Winnebago with the dimensions and manovreablity of an R10! There have to be comprimises in a motorhome and are individual priorities vary widely.. thus the variety of motorhomes.

    I have a hi top. The advantage of a Hi top is the extra very useful storage space in the luton in particular which is carvernous, (the bit over the cab)this is a tiny space in the lo. Also I believe the storage cupboards over the cooker and sink are smaller but I cannot remember exactly somebody with a lo will come along. The disadvantage of the hi is that you cannot fit into height restricted areas or into a conventional garage..... possibly might be a slight reduction in milage to the gallon because of wind resistance although not sure this is significant.

    The main advantage of a lo is it fits under height barriers etc and of course this is a major plus, plus better milage to gallon. Disadvantages is you lose the storage (which in a small motorhome is precious). Also you do have to put the roof up when you stop, think though this is quite easy but another thing to do and I think you would get increased heat loss if up, possibly slightly reduced head room?

    The basic layout of both models is the same. It comes down to what is important to you... if you go for the lo you have to be ruthless about what you carry..... If you have a high you have to cope with height barriers. It is a personal choice of what are your priorities, I would suggest when you look at campers you try and visualise where you would stow things because they all look great empty but you have to put in your stuff before you go....

    I noticed when buying that the hi-tops seemed to be more in demand for what that is worth.... it is an individual decision. Can I suggest a visit to Avon motorhomes.


      Hi. Welcome to the forum.

      If you use the search facility on the forum, you will find a lot of discussion on this topic.


      Both models have their advantages. The Hylo can get under most height barriers, which can be a very important factor when considering town parking. The Hi model has better storage.

      You need to see both models and inspect them thoroughly so you can see their relative advantages. For this you need to go to a main dealer, one that had several examples of each model to compare.

      Good luck in your searches.
      Carpe diem! :)


        Standing up

        So does this mean that I could stand up only in the kitchen end of the Hi top?
        Does the Hylo become the same internal shape as the Hitop, with the roof up?
        I've never been inside a Hitop and am wondering whether to drive a few hours to see one.
        Thanks so much for your advice.


          Had my hi-top about 18mths and travelled about 8000miles and it fits the bill for me but I have a regular car as well.
          The only thing I have to consider is will I get parking where I want to go with height barriers. I have on board diesel heater which for me is great as I often wild camp and have a wish to camp as near to the sea as possible but if you go on campsites you can use an electric heater. Storage is quite good . I may be miles from you but if you are near Doncaster you are welcome. John


            Originally posted by SallyJo View Post
            So does this mean that I could stand up only in the kitchen end of the Hi top?
            Does the Hylo become the same internal shape as the Hitop, with the roof up?
            I've never been inside a Hitop and am wondering whether to drive a few hours to see one.
            Thanks so much for your advice.
            Unless you are quite small the answer is yes, you can usually only stand in the kitchen area of both. It is hard to stand up straight in the living area of both the hitop and hylo.

            We have owned several hitops but only ever looked inside the hylo, my first impression was that it was more noisy in the newer hylo due to the canvas sides of the raising roof. I wondered too if it would be colder, again due to the canvas - perhaps someone can answer that?

            I think it would be well worth a trip out to view a variety of units, if you are near the south west Ant has a good selection and will leave you to wander at your leisure to look around them.

            I also think there is far less storage space in the hylo than the hytop. But the advantage of the hylo is that it can go under most car park barriers. So swings and roundabouts on choice.
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              I have an R20 Hi. It was a first choice for me as I did not want to be lifting a roof - although I believe it is very easy - because I like to be independent and am probably rather lazy!

              It does help to be short in my Romahome as I can stand up even at the cab end when I am under the Heki.

              To be honest I have rarely found parking a problem. I am sometimes frustrated by height barriers in the countryside in parks and reserves. They are meant to keep out travellers but to be honest they will probably get in anyway if they are determined and there are not that many roaming our lanes - even around Glastonbury!



                I'm very new to Romahoming and have a hi top. I looked at both before I bought and felt that the hi top was the one for me because I didn't like the canvas element in the felt much more open to the elements. I'm about 5 foot 2 or 3 and can stand up under the skylight in the main part of the van. I don't feel crouchy at all!
                Good luck with your search and enjoy!


                  Hi Sally Jo,
                  I think you're budget means you'll be considering an older type Citroen C15 (Berlingo based ones go from around £8/9k minimun) and in my mind the condition of the vehicle is what may/should influence you most of all. Power steering arrived on post 1993 models, which you might prefer on an 'everyday' vehicle.
                  I have a hylo C15 which is as well insulated as a hytop, as the roof is solid and lifts with the aid of gas filled struts, mine though not heavy, needs a determined shove to start the lift, if you have any sort of back problem, you definately should check this out!
                  On-site the van is comfortable and warm, on the road surprisingly agile and consistently economic (42-45 mpg) The brakes are disconcerting but they can be adjusted to become better! I have become used to them, it is a shock however when you get into a newer car and nearly plaster yourself to the windscreen after merely touching the brakes.
                  It's very likely that you'll have to commit some money to ongoing maintainance as with any older vehicle, but they are straightforward/simple vehicles to work on, for you or your local garage.
                  I've driven a hytop and theres not much difference on the road, I pursued a Hylo because of resident parking restrictions where I live. I suggest you do view both types and ultimately the condition of the van may well determinr your choice.
                  Either vehicle is likely to make you very happy!
                  Good fortune, look forward to meeting you in a field one day!


                    I went for a Hi top, mainly because it was the nearest to home in my price range at the time, and the first I looked at!

                    But I am glad I did because of the extra storage space, not having to raise the roof on arrival and then remembering to lower the roof before driving away - I used to have an Autosleeper pop top and I did once nearly drive off site without lowering the roof.

                    I hadn't realised standing up inside was an issue until after I'd bought it - because for me at 5ft 2ins there is no problem at all - I am fully erect all the time! It was only when my son got in and had to bend that I realised. Luckily he rarely camps with me now he's grown up.

                    I assumed that the Hylo was higher when roof raised to allow standing for normal 6ft people? If it isn't then there is only the "going under barriers" advantage - I've not found this to be a problem, yet. TBH I always avoided barriers with the Autosleeper as well anyway, even though it would probably have fitted under lots of them.

                    What area do you live in? Possibly there are Forum members nearby who would be only too pleased to show off their "babies".


                      I have the 'Lo' with the elevating roof. I wild-camp and I wanted a vehicle which looks more like a car and wouldn't stand out too obviously as a motorhome and this fits the bill perfectly. Increasingly in both urban and rural areas, even on remote Scottish picnic sites, I'm noticing increasing numbers of height barriers being erected so the ability to park anywhere is important to me.

                      I'm 5'8.5"and there's more than ample headroom at the rear with the roof elevated and this merely involves unfastening the clips, giving a slight push and the roof raises itself. Similarly, it takes about another 20 seconds or less to lower it again. There is some heatloss in winter which I noticed especially in the chilly spell we've just had but in the summer then the ventilation is good. If used in winter with the roof up then you could make insulating panels from bubble-foil panels for less than £10. However, apart from cooking, I tend to keep the roof down.

                      As for storage, most of my travels are solo for up to 2-3 weeks at a time and there's more than enough stowage. It also gets you into the discipline of not carrying mounds of clutter you'd never need.

                      The only downside for me is that, with the roof down the is very little rear ventilation at night when wilding when it's not practical to have both windows open wide. The Hi has better rear ventilation with opening panels in the rear door and roof-vent(s). I am still considering whether to fit 1-2 roof vents in my 'Lo' but am mindful this may raise the height so it will no longer slip beneath height barriers.

                      Re mpg - I average about 47mpg, more on a long motorway run with the 2 litre HDi Berlingo engine.


                        We have an Outlook Hitop and before that we had a C15 Hytop, I am 6ft tall and stiff jointed but I manage OK in ours. We have a bit of an advantage with our Outlook as it has the larger Heki rooflight which enables me to stand up in the middle of the van. I think that you just adapt to the height thing. If you are restricted to the C15, when the roof is up on the hylo the internal height is the same as the hytop. There do seem to be more Hylos than Hytops for sale.

                        Keep asking the questions, it is an important decision.



                          Not totally relevant, but we started with an old C15 hi top then a C15hylo and now we have a duo which we love but..... Is it only me, cause the only thing I miss is sitting and looking out of the big window when sat in the van. Anyone else with a duo feel like this?


                            I have a Duo and can look out of both windows...???


                              Mine is the older one, we aren't that posh


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