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Old- Demountable Romahome Pod

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    Old- Demountable Romahome Pod

    I have an old Romahome Demountable Pod that i bough to use as a donor for our should the need have arisen for spares, but as i had it for over a year now and have needed nothing from it, i am now thinking of getting rid of it.

    It has damage to the back where the lights sit, where it looks like something ran in to it or it was backed into something, but this is repairable as its fibreglass.

    The windows are popping out on the rubber trim, but again this is fixable using new rubber insets to the window surround “H” rubbers

    The seats look UNUSED as it looks they had covers on them from new, but two corners of the small back cushions are frayed (looks like mice damage) but this can be easily darned or patched and would not show if these two back cushions had that end put up against the back corners.

    The roof vent did leak when i got it but this was removed and resealed and has not leaked since.

    I know if i sold the Cooker, Fridge, Seats, Roof Vent and the windows and two door windows (plus there are all the cupboard doors and manual foot water pump) I could get around £150 and i could easily dispose of the pod shell but, i wondered if it’s better to let a keen diy-er have it for that price and fix it up and pop it on the back of a pick-up.

    Then there would be one more of our lovely Romahome's still on the road!

    I agree, it does seem a shame to scrap it. What about putting it on Ebay with a reserve on £150, just to cover what you could sell the parts for?


      I would try putting in on ebay with a starting price of £100 or so, if it fails to sell then you break it and ebay the parts and dispose of the shell, or you might get lucky and someone will take it on, either way you have lost nothing. Ebay seem to be frequently having zero insertion fee weekends so you should be able to list it for nothing, that way you only pay a fee if it sells.

      I have just listed the last of my old car bits I had knocking about, no use to me anymore and most in poor condition, I thought about scrapping them but all have sold/selling so someone must have use for them.
      Better a rainy day on the hill than a sunny day in the office!


        Thanks for that.

        I use e bay all the time and sell custom made badges and cufflinks amonst other things and have a 100% feedback score of 1438.

        I know i can easily sell all the parts on e bay, but thougt the forum members might like to have the first say in the way forward



          Is this still available please


            i have not moved forward with any of the ideas yet.

            Weather has been crap for so long now and i,ve been laid flat with the flu (or somthing similar) for over a week now but as the weather improves i hope to sort things out.

            If anyone is interested i live between Deal & Dover in Kent. give me an e mail address (Private message me) and i will send photos


              hi just messaged you, thanks Lynne


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